1. Since 2019 is going away, I'm creating a thread to see what was the stupidest thing you did in a game...

    I'll start...

    I literally ran into my own arrow... And that bow was Kali's bow...
    I felt so idiotic
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  2. On release of Skyway Pier I thought it's too big

    Seriously though, don't judge me hard on it, the map is a literal maze and I thought it was literal hell.
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  3. I jumped down the end portal thinking it would be beneficial....
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  4. Jumping into the void on Library as murderer in the first 2 seconds. I then said "Can I get a refund?"
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  5. Tried shooting a lamp on Darkfall to see if arrows would bug out like they did on the Cruise Ship Dance Floor (when that was a thing). The arrow bounced off and came flying back at me, even higher than how I originally aimed it.
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  6. i dont know, the list is very long
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  7. Shooting arrows at the fire hydrant on hollywood. Yeah it bounced off. I got an achievement, though
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  8. Which one?
  9. I've done plenty of stupid stuff in mm, including the Kali's bow incident and accidentally stepping in front of my sister's bow when she was about to shoot the murderer, she shot me instead and the murderer won c':

    my most recent thing though, was forgetting how everything that is not a block makes the arrows bounce
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  10. The one for shooting yourself
  11. LMAO never seen that before
  12. murst

    murst New Member

    I activated the trap in towerfall and went into it seeing glass panes and thinking I could get an insane spot, I was very wrong
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  13. Now that takes a lot of skill. Dude perfect anyone?
  14. What a legend. (Seriously tho how unlucky was that)
    • Trying to give a soda to one of the guards on ATF, but switching to the wrong hotbar slot, shooting the armor stand and getting killed by the bounced back arrow.
    • Casually walking into the Library void after a few seconds as Murderer
    • Dying to the Snowfall Pond Trap
  15. Ayraise

    Ayraise New Member

    I take my own arrow in Museum last Floor, I earned a achievement.
  16. My biggest mistake was to buy Haunted Victory dance, honestly.
    But except this, the stupidest thing I did was to run straight into a bowcamper without arrows.
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  17. Well, there is a christmas weekly quest there you have to find 30 gifts, right? So far the stupidest thing I've ever made was that I was so focused on finding the gifts that I missed the fact that I'm the murderer.
    Then I said "Oh sorry guys, I will kill you all now" and second after that I was killed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  18. Paige

    Paige Well-Known Member

    MonoChron CHRONO
    Two incidents in particular stand out to me:
    • I was a murderer on Library and missed killing the last innocent because I tried hitting them with an arrow (no bow) instead of the knife. In my defence, I was using the stick skin on the knife at the time, so it did look somewhat similar to the arrow.
    • I was a murderer on Towerfall and died before the game started by missing a parkour jump.
  19. This is legendary, I would like to watch this happen

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