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    A certain someone may seem to disagree with this, however

    I feel that the uhc section of the forums doesn’t always have to pertain to uhc. While it is indeed a place to share your uhc ideas, the people on this part of the forums have come to know eachother pretty well. I feel like at this point, it doesn’t matter what you post a ton, it’s more about the people in our community that the gamemode itself. As I’ve always said about uhc, come for the game, stay for the people. Uhc players can be toxic but are also some of the greatest friends I’ve made. I don’t think there’s another part of the mc community where when you’re done with mc you keep talking to everyone you played with, on matters of other games, school, work. Some people even meet up irl. When I come on here I don’t care if the post is about an upcoming holiday or interesting personal matter, because I come here to see what my friends have been up to.
    Just my two cents on the matter
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  3. i agree alex

    u a cool friend too :3
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  4. When you want SpeedyMarios to stop complaining about forum spam
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  5. It almost never pertains to uhc at certain times.
    From reading this post. I agree with what you say.

    Now kind of off topic: I know alot of people call me for being annoying cause I complain about “spam on the forums” and etc.

    But people should also know that you really can’t post literally anything on the uhc forums.

    Each section has its own types of threads you should be posting.

    Like I would always mention to those who post irrelevant threads [*cough @Hypersonicgames cough*], yet others decide to dislike my post and think I’m being toxic and I should just let them be.

    There’s off topic section for a reason to irrelevant threads I find. Not mentioning yours specifically but the ones I would find alot.

    Just my 2 cents of how I act when it comes to irrelevancy on the forums.

    Other than that, this was one of the most enjoyable threads to read on the forums. Kudos to you :)
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  6. i don't rly care about it because they're just some harmless threads but, being real, you're right lol

    i just ignore the threads that i'm not interested of!
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  7. I’m just not a person to ignore threads I see that can be in 3 categories:

    -Straight up stupid

    -Unpertaining to the content of a specific forum section (off topic and Server Discussion is exception)

    -Meant to annoy and spam that section of the forums

    That’s the reason you and most of the community would see me act up when people post threads they know are stupid or bring up irrelevant content to the uhc forums, specifically.
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  8. @aForumNerd @aForumNerd
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  9. #9
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  10. Unless they're troll threads, why should you care? Its basically minimodding, and you know how most people feel about that.
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  11. kid you are the always the first one to tell me that my thread is useless when in reality MKRL is 100% right
  12. i'm fine with that lawl, i apologize for useless threads i've made before :p i barely make any so i guess it's ok
  13. you want me to drop you with 3 gaps and you yell at me for the 200th time?
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  14. im sorry who are you? and you have never dropped me with gaps so :/
  15. Remember this small game buddy

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  17. Goodwade

    Goodwade Well-Known Member

    Kathios KATH
    Welcome to hypixel, we are a very family friendly server!
  18. ScaryMatt

    ScaryMatt Active Member

    but if I make a happy holidays thread to attempt to lower toxicity and raise the amount of joy in the uhc sections, that isn't bad or offtopic... its a community that I surround myself with and tbh you are the grinch of the christmas uhc forums, like it's a forums over MINECRAFT that you literally have lost friendships because of the way you act around it...
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  19. It's off topic since it has nothing to do with uhc, period.
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  20. ScaryMatt

    ScaryMatt Active Member

    literally that is the only thing u say dude. let people have fun, let people try to make others happy during the holiday season with a community THEY ARE involved with... im not gonna make a thread in off topic says happy holidays and get responses from people I don't know, I want to have holiday joy with people i KNOW and can actually converse with. (not saying expanding to different friends/sections is bad)
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