1. I'm board, I'd rather practice code than play mc!

    Has to be hypixel/minecraft related
    Can't involve a gui only console (I might add a basic gui)
    Must be useful
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  2. I made a discord bot about skyblockz with discord.py
    u can try something related
  3. Yes try coding discord bots with the discord.py library. Try to make a suggestion command that would post suggestion in a channel and maybe add a hypixel level requirement if you really want to use the API.

    Although this may not be useful to you, its just for practicing and possibly learning new things you never knew.

    One more thing I recommend before starting to code discord bots is to learn python OOP. You will find many tutorials on YouTube about OOP.

    If you need any help just message me on Discord Amanso#9143 or on-site.

    Good luck! :)
  4. Don't you have to host bots? Like how am I going to pay money for me to test something
  5. No you don't have to pay anything to test your bot.

    Running your bot is the same as running a python file. Follow these steps.

    1. Using Command Prompt, type cd <directory> to change the directory to the bot file.

    2. Type in python3 <file name> to run the python file.

    This is how to run a python file on windows. I’m not sure if its the same thing on mac.

    Python3 can be “python” or “py” depending on your python installation.
  6. If you plan on making a discord bot using Python, feel free to contact me. I've had a little over a year's experience with the discord.py library.
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