1. so recently, I managed to unlock Prestige 4 for my Assassin class, and quickly found I had nothing left to do.

    I’m considering maxing out all of my other class’ skills, but once I finish that I’ll once again have no goals.

    So, what should I do while waiting for the update with Prestige 5 to come out?
  2. Try out some of the other gamemodes, and see if they interest you at all.
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  3. Grind for leaderboards. Especially if you like to play assassin a lot
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  4. r u tryna drive people away?
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  5. He gave good advice???
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  6. Ill probably get a full year of college in by the time this shit gets out
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  7. Palutena

    Palutena Well-Known Member


    That, sir, was your first mistake.
  8. play phoenix, the only relevant class
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  9. try warframe, the story for warframe is very epic and you will achive the epic gamer win if you complete it
    (its free)
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  10. falsify

    falsify Member

    Grind out the requirements for p5 if you haven't already (that's what I did, it's 1 mil coins and 5k prestige points), and then go for another p3/p4 (which I'm doing now)

    Ngl this only rly works if you don't use boosters because it's easy if you do use boosters lol but yeah that's just what I personally did. I'm also grinding leaderboards so if you're close for any leaderboards (top 25 or whatever), you can try going for that

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  11. Exlzz

    Exlzz New Member

    Arcturus ARC
    Grind for lb's
  12. now this is an actual relevant suggestion
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  13. falsify

    falsify Member

    Imagine going for lbs on an alt
  14. alonmario1

    alonmario1 Well-Known Member

    Stuff you could do in mega walls while waiting:

    -Try out new classes and even different play styles, trying to master other classes can REALLY help your game sense when dealing with these classes later on.

    -get prestige 1 on all of the classes that you are good with (if you haven't already)

    -go for a leaderboard spot for your main class (you'd end up grinding CPs for when p5 comes out, which is neat).

    If you want to take a break from mega walls before p5 comes out however, you can maybe try out a new game entirely. I got a few recommendations in my forum signature :p
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  16. Grind P4 assassin on my account
  17. Hollow Knight and Celeste are great games :D
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