1. Okay, so I already have the Ender-mastery and Juggernaut perks fully upgraded, and next I'm going for lucky charm and bulldozer. What perk should I try to upgrade after I've completed these two? I was thinking of going for knowledge, but I'm not sure if that's the best.
  2. Black magic

    Also don't upgrade necromancer unless you have a high IQ to kill the zombies with lava.
  3. You should go for black magic . It’s so good
  4. Lucky charm will take a while, just go for black magic like people have said, it’s so good for insane mode
  5. I recommend black magic, lucky charm, bulldozer, and the perk that gives you resistance 1/2 at the beginning of a game.(I forgot what it was called) (Very useful to prevent rushers and to rush)
  6. Okay, i'm going for black magic instead of lucky charm, but what does it do?
  7. It makes it so that when you knock a player into a void, there is a chance to get an enderpearl. It’s one of my top 3 perks, and has saved my life tons of times.
  8. oh, that is useful!
  9. I like knowledge personally, but bridger is really good aswell.
  10. Black magic u get free pearls with it
  11. tru but it costs a tonne
  12. Still less than lucky charm
  13. Skyhighe

    Skyhighe Member

    Just finish them all starting with those more expensive.
  14. image having no perks in skywars in 2019 lol
  15. Well noobs do exist.
  16. lol that is a solid point
  17. Bulldozer
  18. Did you even read? I said I was working on bulldozer. I asked what I should get after.

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