1. Why is everyone so salty here? You just spent some money on a game, cool, this doesn't really need to be the subject of lengthy conversations. And most people probably used their parent's credit card to buy a rank anyway.
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  2. You're mistaken at that, we've learned to spend our money on things that matter more than a rank on a Minecraft server. While on the other hand, everyone who bought a rank is missing out on money that could have been invested in something more worthwhile.
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  3. nons don't support the server, they get less cosmetics.
  4. OzenSolid

    OzenSolid New Member

    IMAGINE BEING A NON You would have to be a LOSER and also DUMB to be a no- o wait FU
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  5. but they should give their supporters (financially) something special.
  6. Kenidy27

    Kenidy27 New Member

    I agree they should get something, however i do not think they should get basically free candies because of the empty lobbies during an event that is supposed to be for everybody
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  7. Daugy

    Daugy Member

    ranked people are those who steal their mamas credit card
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  8. like McDonald?
  9. you bought minecraft...
    minecraft costs money
    minecraft technically has no value

  10. In reality ranked players r the ones who complain and whine about things like updates
  11. Lol btw I joined a coop with 10m and aotd
    They gave me a max aote with hot potato books.

    It’s still not nice to mislead people and trick them into giving you money on skyblock.
  12. I challenge you
  13. u high? whats with the dislike spamming
  14. hi hunter!
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  15. I dislike you because you mislead me and tricked me into giving you 200k. I would call you a sca*********r but I can’t since public shaming.

  16. I haven't even played Skyblock at all this month. Only play like 10 minutes a day when I actually do play. Not having Skyblock for an hour or two doesn't really matter to me.
  17. Why can't other nons be big brain like you
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  18. Yep.
  19. Ever thought of this revelation? We don't buy ranks because we don't want to spend money. If you ranked players want to spend money its fine. Don't discriminate us for not wanting to buy a rank with money, it's not forced for a reason. Just let us be.

    If anyone is about to reply "your not supporting the server," look. Majority of players are nons. But what we did buy is Minecraft. We helped keep Minecraft running, and what does Minecraft have? Hypixel. If Minecraft didn't exist Hypixel wouldn't exist. We may not have helped much, but we did help.
  20. ok boomer

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