1. Ok then why do we have so many people saying two different things
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    Tbh I think it’s fine to have macros like “inc” to use in party chat but some ppl might accidentally use their macros in all chat (like monster)
  3. Cool I’m gonna make a macro now that spams inc in party chat
  4. da legendary kellied
  5. but you can press the up arrow key and get the same "inc" message (if you said it in chat without exiting hypixel, and it you might have to press it more than once) I mean, I still don't think it's worth the risk.
  6. Kellied

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    Yes you could do that too but it is easier/faster if you have a macro for it
  7. No you tubers are exempt from watchdog
  8. Hitting a single button (1 keystroke) is faster than opening the chat, typing "inc" and hitting return (5 keystrokes). When being rushed, a fast reaction can be crucial and macros therefore may give you a slight advantage, which is bannable.

    autogg on the other hand doesn't give you an unfair in-game advantage, because the game is already over.

    Likewise, macros for lobby navigation (/lobby bw, /swaplobby 1, /p warp) or pre-game macros (/play bedwars_four_four) should all be fine, as long as you don't use them in-game.

    Honestly, I don't know why ppl even consider using macros. No decent player would use an auto-clicker, why would they want an auto-typer? Learn to touch type and you can spam "inc" in a split second, fully automated by your muscle memory.
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    macros are bannable - don't use them.
  10. W
    hat about forge auto gg
  11. Symuhn

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    The autogg and autotip mods are not necessarily macros like others which would make you click faster, they are like a little bot that says the command and enters text for you, but it’s one time not twenty. These are not bannable at all, thousands of people are using autogg and autotip.

    If you are installing anything to give you an advantage that anyone else couldn’t do on their own, then it’s going to be against the rules, simple as that. If you aren’t sure what type of mods are bannable on our server, then please read the article on that topic found here.

  12. I understand that it's faster, but it's still like a few seconds, lol. Not worth risking a ban. I know that others don't type as fast though.
  13. Chevio

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    I like how it took people this long to use their brain.
    I used this shortcut when the game released.
  14. sammygreen i love ur vids btw i hve a friend named xjiesang he is 267 stars in bw(not as good ass u though) and a .20 fkdr could he pls be in your awesome guild
  15. That doesn’t mean they aren’t macros. And, not being bannable and not being detected by watchdog are two different things (not that the macro mod is enforced anyways on anything that isn’t autoclicking).

    Because while it is a rule, it isn’t enforced.

    You could always just show them using it in their videos, but I doubt staff would be a youtuber for having chat macros.
  16. That’s not sammygreen btw
  17. lol i knew
  18. all macros that are not for quick play are banable if you are cought

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