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    Hey everyone, SalazarsRevenge here.

    Exactly 7 days ago, I started playing Skyblock more seriously, switching over from bedwars (my main game, many of you might know me from that), and starting a coop with another bedwars player, by the IGN of toxci. Over this past week, we've accomplished a lot as a duo.

    I doubt any of these achievements are special to large coops, but I would say that as a duo, and considering the time taken, we did pretty well.

    - 100% Collection unlocked
    - 100% trades unlocked
    - 100% quests unlocked
    - 60% of recipes unlocked
    - ALL types of minions unlocked (pretty proud of this)
    - 200 unique minions (14 minion slots)
    - Aspect Of Ender sword
    - amongst others

    Alongside all the hours of mining and fishing, we also started a few sick Skyblock island builds (dont want to spoil too much in the screenshot, just a teaser, got some humongous builds going and should make for an epic island visit!)

    Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 20.57.08.png

    More than this however, are the friends we've made along the way and the really generous and kind players we met along the way. Skyblock by far has some of the most helpful players in my opinion, so a big thank you to everyone who answered all my dumb questions, as well as those who donated small freebies such as two jungle axes and ice.

    We're pretty proud of our achievements, and thought to share it with you guys. Any advice/comments would be much appreciated, as we still have a lot to learn (P.S. No idea how reforging works aaaaaaaaah!)

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  2. Super excited to see what your island looks like, but the attachment doesn't work! :( Congrats on your progress!
  3. i did close to this as solo on my first week
    grats tho
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  4. “Go big or go home” inside joke lol
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  5. sally
  6. sallyxo
  7. nals1

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    I started 6 days ago. Playing solo and got about the same just not such a good looking island. (yes i have vacation and yes I have nothing better to do)
  8. UnderEztmated

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    The map looks like a freakin lobby.

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