1. Every time I play UHC duels my opponent is always teleporting even if they have good ms they are laggy. And this is super annoying. I only find this problem in the UHC mode and in Skywars and Sumo it's fine. So fix this 'bug' ig idk but yea please leave feedback.
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  2. Zack

    Zack Well-Known Member

    Certain times on Hypixel where everyone's ping rises for no reason.

    Sometimes i get 30 other times I can get 120. It's been like this for months and there's no explanation to it. (Well, there is probably but I'm not really smart)
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  3. you're not the only one who met this problem.

    i can't even play duels because of this lag lol

    this must be fixed as soon as possible
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  4. This isn't one of those things that goes away in a day this has been going on for almost a week and everyone is talking about it. It's made the gamemode temporarily unplayable tbh.

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  5. dannyjayes1

    dannyjayes1 Well-Known Member

    You probably have high ping.
  6. No, the same thing is happening for everyone is duels. Everybody is lagging like crazy.
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  7. Taii

    Taii Well-Known Member

    Danger DANGER
    no it's only for duels
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  8. dannyjayes1

    dannyjayes1 Well-Known Member

    Then the servers are probably not strong enough, it makes sense due to the gamemode being unpopular.
  9. It was working perfectly fine a few weeks ago. Nothing big happened to the server or the gamemode at all. Then it all of a sudden started lagging. And the servers not being strong enough is because of a large number of players, usually goes away in a day or something. This hasn't.
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  10. I have a theory that hypixel decided to make larger, but less duels servers so that it wasn’t as inefficient to run the servers, but obviously it has not worked out too well. (jajaxD)
  11. Yeah, it keeps happening to me and my literally all my opponents. Mid fighting me and my opponet both rise to over 400 ping, so the gamemode is pretty much unplayable rn.
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  12. its lagging I think it sucks
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  13. yep. agree

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