1. The oldest thing that i have is by bike, its about 20 years old(older then myself :O). According from my dad, that bicycle was a gift from the company that he got hired back in his young days.
  2. Probably one of the paintings or glasses (like china glass) from my great great grandparents or older.
  3. Greninja

    Greninja Well-Known Member

    Your mum ohhhhh
  4. Myself because I possess it from the first moment I am considered ‘alive’

    But not anymore because I’m dead inside
  5. Either a coin from 1800s or earlier or a rock/mineral in my collection that's even older.
  6. I'm actually not sure, but I do own a quilt my grandma made for me just before I was born (it'd be like 18 years old by now), and I have a case thing I use for keeping paperwork for myself and my mother which she got in the 90s, I technically own it now because it's in my computer room.
  7. Currently, n64. Couple years older than I am. If we’re counting things I used to have, nes.
  8. The oldest thing i have well i don't know

    But if we are talking about any point in time then it would be a Season 1 copy of thomas the tank engine
  9. my hairline which goes back to 3000AD
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  10. I used to have a soul, does that count? I sold it to the admins to get "Well-known member"
  11. Smartboy7

    Smartboy7 Well-Known Member

    every atom in your body is trillions of years old

    also i have some albums from the 1960s
  12. Lol

    Yo mama's so old that when God said "let there be light", she flipped the switch!

  13. Wait what?
  14. In my possession? I have this stuffed plush I think deep in my closet somewhere ever since I was very young
  15. A stuffed animal I've had since birth. Still on my bed. ^-^
  16. Wolf

    Wolf Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    First stuffed animal I touched right after I was born
  17. A picture of my grandparents parents, so that photo is probably 70+ years old

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