1. I need to know cause I want access to the end
  2. WiseRoku

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    Still playing. You need more items, combat and etc to be useful in the end
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  3. Tlapis

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    Run around the obsidian sanctuary and kill everything you see for 90-120mins, that’s the fastest I’ve done. Plus you get goods to sell for money and prep for stuff
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  4. get a sword that can one shot mobs in obsidian sanctuary and keep killing them.
  5. get a bow and bow the magmas in the blazing fortress also when you get 100k-200k try to buy ender armor before you access the end
  6. Unlocking the end is useless if you don’t have the gear to tank there
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  7. Deep caverns gives like 10 times more combat xp than magmas
  8. Sedoardo

    Sedoardo Active Member

    Just kill mobs
  9. magmas give money and he need it for buying ender armor it is pointless to go to the end with no armor also since he is a new player maybe he can't 1tap zombies
  10. I am not new I am combat 10 I need to get to combat 12
  11. And I can 1tap mobs
  12. What sword and what armor?
  13. I accidentally got to combat XV because I was trying to kill enough magma cubes for my magma armor lol.
  14. I think the fastest way to get combat experience is actively using ghast minions.

    50 exp/ghast * 23 ghast minions / 25.6 seconds/ghast (tier 11 + enchanted lava buckets) = 44.92 exp/second, or 2695 exp/minute.

    But there's close to no one able to do that, so let's budget that.

    50 exp/ghast * 10 ghast minions / 44 seconds/ghast (tier 5 fuel less) = 11.364 exp/second, or 681.81 exp/minute, or 40909 exp/hour (but it's under one hour for level 12, right?).
  15. If they aren’t even combat lvl 12 they won’t be able to afford ghast minions

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