1. so on store i see mvp++ which has access to private forums
    Can anyone tell me what does that do??
  2. Its a special forum section just for mvp++s
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  3. F0RTN1TE

    F0RTN1TE Active Member

    It doesn't do anything,
    It's just a forum for the rich people who bought mvp++
    (I've had mvp++)
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  4. It's just a separate page that only MVP++ can see or post on, nothing more than that
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  5. Is it active or any good/worth ?
  6. BryanTuberMC

    BryanTuberMC Well-Known Member

    It is just a normal forums section just for MVP++ ,only MVP++ can view it

    If you still have any questions, Free to start a new conversation with me :D
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  7. it's basicly Hypixel Server Discussion and off-topic combined
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  8. F0RTN1TE

    F0RTN1TE Active Member

    well makes you look cool and gives you private games and /nick (and more), its just that its a monthly "subscription" and that u need mvp+ for it
  9. Its active but not worth it, its just the same as any other forum but now its just combined. I don't really use it honestly.
  10. Thnx everyone for information :)
  11. As @Kualdir said.. its just random not useful area
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  12. Thank you

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