1. I got my first 250 stars in 2017. Back in 2017, the exp distribution worked differently than now. Back then, you got more exp faster when your wins were faster. Now I'm pretty sure it's better if the games are longer for getting levels. I was just wondering if since the meta for star grinding has shifted from getting fast wins to slow wins, it affected the number of wins a player with diamond prestige has.
  2. Not quite sure if it has tbh. I don't recall slow games being more efficient than faster games, I am pretty sure faster games are better than slower games. You may want to check other 300 stars and see how many wins they got and compare it to yourself and see how different it is.
  3. Try using /myposition or /mp. Look at your lifetime wins position and compare it with your level position.
  4. probably somewhere around 2.5-3k maybe
  5. Greninja

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    It honestly depends on what gamemode you play. I'm a 500 star but I mainly play doubles, meaning I probably have less wins than other 500 stars who main 3v3s and 4v4s
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  6. I am 240 stars and I have 1.2k wins. I main 3s and 4s, so I would say if you do too that about 1,600-1,750 wins would do it.
  7. Dont wanna be rude but thats not much wins considering you main 4s
  8. I know, I was really bad for a long time.
  9. I’m 205 stars and I main teams and I have 800 wins. I do have a decent amount of dreams wins and probably about 30-50 4v4 wins, but those don’t get tracked. My wins and finals are really low for my star, but I have like 30+ stars gained from dreams. My fkdr is absolute garbage cause I was super bad for the first 8-10 months that I played bedwars.
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  10. The average amount of wins for Diamond Prestige if probably around 3.5k-4.5k wins or something like that. A lot of people I have seen with 300 stars RN currently stand at around that number.
  11. 3.1k if you main 4s
    2.9k if you main 3s
    2.8k if you main 2s
    2.7k if you main solo

  12. yikes, they must main teams owo
  13. I mainly agree, but I’d say you get more finals per level in doubles than 4s. I main 4s, and I get 2-4 finals per game.
  14. this is wins... no?
  15. I’m small brain leave me alone.
  16. You were in that technoblade stream I watched 5 minutes ago - the one in castle mode
  17. Indeed I was.
  18. Ur also 900+ stars
  19. yea that aswell, closing in on 1,000
  20. Yep. Gl.
    Also get a life. (jk <3)

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