1. I'm asking what is good cps cause I do around 10 per second and I wanna know if that is good cause I have no clue what's good cps cause my friend has 12 cps so I'm like stunned cause NO MATTER WHAT I DO I CAN'T GET MORE THAN 10. Can tell me what's good cps and how do I get more?
  2. I can also not get more than 10 cps, but it works just fine. You don’t need high cps, you need good aim. 6+ cps is good enough.
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  3. same
  4. Ok but whenever I butterfly click I get same cps why is that?
  5. Btw I use a Jellycomb and I use wireless I bought it once I was new but I was always god at pvp and god at bw but I didn't know what's good cps lol.
  6. Either you aren't doing it right or you're mouse isn't built for it
  7. ZBLL

    ZBLL New Member

    around 15
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  8. anything above 6 isn't really necessary in bedwars.
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  9. iQim123

    iQim123 Member

    about 3 cps is good
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  10. KirilSK

    KirilSK Well-Known Member

    Rollers SPICY
    Mine is 10-11 cps, it is enough. Main thing to be concerned about is consistency
    In other words, being able to achieve it in a small timespan
  11. Instigator

    Instigator Member

    14 cps on hypixel because the hit reg is messed up
    20 cps on other pvp servers
  12. I disagree cause even with my 10 cps I duel these people or I fight them in bw and we strafe the same but he gets like much more cps than me I mean how cause 10 cps is pretty high considering I don't jitter much.
  13. i usally play with 7 when i play normally when tryhard 14 - 18
  14. I just normal click and can destroy most poeple. I get around 6-8 normal clicking. When bridging and placing blocks cps matters more. I recommend at least 12 if you want to learn better bridging technique but speedbridging is just fine.
  15. Greninja

    Greninja Well-Known Member

    As long as you get 6 you're fine pretty much. Work on other pvp techniques before focusing on cps
  16. Get at lest negative 3 FPS then ur fine positive cps is only for losers
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  17. As long as you get more than 6cps, aim is more important.
  18. Hey mine is only 9 when i butterfly

  19. 15-20 while butterfly clicking, 12ish while jittering is generally what most people can get to eventually.
  20. I would recommend 7+ for left click and 11+ for right click as being able to jitter bridge away is really good in tough situations.

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