do you guys think so too?

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  2. no

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  1. hey guys, so what do you think? leave your response in the poll above
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  2. would you deny buns to save cvc
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  3. I don't know... maybe add others modes... others weapons.
    Or even add skins to the weapons, and cases w/ skins inside
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  4. #4
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  5. I think
  6. yeah i agree with that
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  7. wym it's right there lol?
  8. So, you think that putting a poll at the top that says "Do you guys think so too?" is what will save cvc? Or is there something I'm missing?
  9. everyone else is agreeing with my points, if you don't agree you can just say that instead of pretending its not there -_-
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  10. #copsandcrimstournamentwouldreviveit
  11. It's not there. At least, not for me. Also, I'm not going to hop on the "Everybody's doing it" train.
  12. You might be on to something, but I'm not sure if Hypixel would be willing to try this.

    *cough* that's the joke *cough*
  13. Fix hitreg
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  14. you are asking for a fix to minecraft, not a fix to CvC
  15. Look, I'm not going to state that there is something there if there is nothing. This is like The Emperors New Clothes, except there aren't any consequences.
  16. this isnt minestrike
  17. Well it got worse as before update ngl
  18. umm.. w h a t
  19. JJenK

    JJenK Well-Known Member

    Death Wish VENOM
    i think what will save cvc is you leaving and never playing again..
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  20. death. wish. XD

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