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    I don't know if they officially removed the 2 other pit maps but if so huge rip. The original map is good but the two other ones were actually the best in my opinion ;p Does anyone know if the other maps are coming back??
  2. no the admins took the other maps away and they burned them and they will never come back
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  3. rip
  4. rip
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  6. rip
  7. relax the maps are not gone the reason that you is always on the same two map maybe is because the system put you at the same two map every time because the other map is full. wait for while then you can play a diffrent map.my borther once is playing the orignal map but i am playing four season on the same time.try playing diffrent player party to swith to diffrent map.(sorry abour bad grammer and spelling)
  8. realy they didnt remove the two others map by the way
  9. rip
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  11. For the past two weeks the distribution of maps across game instances has seemed pretty random to me. For example I've run into situations where there's 2 instances on Elements (the og map), 2 instances on Seasons and 1 on Coral, or 4 on Elements and 1 on Coral, or 3 on Seasons, 1 on Elements and 1 on Coral. Back when they first introduced the different-map-per-instance system they seemed a bit more evenly distributed.
  12. guys
    right now every map is elements bc of the minor pit birthday update
    they removed the 2x xp and gold but not the fact that every lobby has the og map
    they will get rid of it eventually
  13. I think they're switching back to the map rotation.
  14. The maps being all random was a bug and it was fixed.
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  15. ah ok
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  16. Wait a minute... this means a dev has worked on the pit... a dev working on the pit means we may finally get the 5? Updates jaya said we were meant to get... now I'm no genius but we may be getting updates soon
  17. I think it was just because he saw a few bugs while adding that 2x rewards last Tuesday.
  18. Aww, no more sneaking into a dead instance of Seasons to fish aqua pants except every 2/3 weeks xD

    (I know all maps have fishing areas but I like the fishers' cavern in Seasons the best)
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  19. Is the map rotation coming back then?
  20. the octopus on Corals between geyser and shipwreck is also good, not as good as seasons tho

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