1. Idk I have a lot and idk what to do with

    Either I
    A) sell them (which one makes the most)

    1) sell Mana fluxes (how much do 4 lapis blocks cost?)

    2) sell pooch swords

    3) sell golden teeth

    Or I
    B) Save for Overflux (probably never gonna get the drop)
  2. Lapis is cheap considering it drops like 7 lapis per ore mined.

    Sell Pooch swords because the lapis isn’t the problem for mana flux it’s the slayer lvl.
  3. But pooch has the same slayer lvl requirement.
  4. Yes but it’s expensive anyway and mana flux is easy to get once you have wolf 6
  5. ? Pooch and Mana are the same level
    (nvm didn't see reply)

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