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    This enderman is the true murderer in every game. The player with the knife is just an accomplice
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  2. He hates confetti man for doing a staring contest with him.
  3. [​IMG]

    I'm not sure what they've done, but they've plagued this map from long ago.
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    ArtOfWar ART0W
    The Ender Soldier is a long-lost elite from the Order of Kali, sent out to eliminate Eli. After the squadron of elites was defeated by Eli, the remaining Ender Soldiers scattered and went into hiding. It is said that just one Ender Soldier can destroy an army of humans.
  5. No, that's the Showdown community returning from the dead and trying to take its revenge on unsuspecting MM players :p
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  6. They stole a block out of a pillar on Towerfall, too. I wonder how special that block must be...

    Every time I see that block missing it makes me uncomfortable
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