1. Likely going to be getting my first boosters this weekend. What are the best ones? Or are they all good? Mainly buying them to level up my hypixel account.

    If you have ever purchased a certain booster let me know what level you started at and what level you finished at after the booster expired. (If you want to).

    Also if this is in the wrong category sorry, I just could not find any other place to post this in. So I figured it would fit in here.
  2. Right section, don’t worry. I would go for the TNT Games boosters, as they’re the cheapest. It’s the best deal for the price, as the amount of people that thank you doesn’t really change depending on the booster. If you’re primarily going for leveling up, I’d just get cheaper boosters and they’ll have the same affect as one that is a few dollars more.

    Personally, I used a few boosters on a Saturday and gained nearly 40-50 levels. They’re pretty good, but make sure you use them at high traffic times, such as on the weekend at around mid-noon.

    Also, if you don’t know, you can buy 1000 gold for $10 on the store and get a package of multiple boosters for only 10 gold (then by the other boosters you want with the remaining gold). Once you purchase the gold, just go to the in-game store (located by the yellow beacon) and locate the bundles section. If you need help with that, let me know.
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  3. Will I be able to use the boosters all at once? Or is it only one at a time.
  4. You can’t use a booster for the same game at the same time, but you can use multiple for different games. Also, you’ll have to either stack (takes a few hours) or queue it (takes hours or up to a day) which have no difference in the amount of exp earned.
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  5. If you just want Hypixel experience, you may buy TNT game boosters. It's the cheapest booster in store and give the same amount of exp as other kinds of boosters.
    As we know there is a Christmas sale here lately, and a bundle named Big Merry Booster Bundle and only cost 32.37$, it will give you 20 10-games boosters if you purchase it(1.6$ per booster). It's more valuable and cost less money than purchasing single kind of boosters. Therefore, if you have enough money, the bundle is the best choose. As well the smaller one(Lil Merry Booster Bundle, 21.58$, 10 different boosters) is good.
  6. If I were you I'd definitely buy Big Merry Booster Bundle. It includes 2 boosters of each game (20 boosters in total for 10 games) for just 32 USD, it's really good. The bad thing is that this sale has already been up for a long time so it could end anytime now.

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