Would You Like To Be Able To Name Your Weapons?

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  1. Earlier today, I obtained a Name Tag (you can get it from fishing or from the auction house). When I put it with a weapon in an anvil (the traditional way), it didn't work. I also put it in a crafting table, but that didn't work either. Is it possible to name a weapon, or is it not added in the game yet? Feel free to respond below!
  2. Zach1809

    Zach1809 Well-Known Member

    I have three stacks of them, it's useless.
  3. LenzMixTWO

    LenzMixTWO New Member

    You cant for now. I dont want it added so you can actually know which sword u are using. for example the rogue sword and the pigman sword have the exact same texture. i only want it added for backpacks.
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  4. I've seen something on a different server before, where you could name it, but below it would show the original name fo the weapon(ex; yeet 3000: originally Pigman Sword). Maybe Hypixel could do something like that.
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  5. I could definitely see why they don't let you rename items since it could cause confusion with actual sets and could be abused.

    A way of marking them would be very nice, I have quite a few large ones in my inventory storing many different items and I get them mixed up all the time.
  6. Maybe it would show the original name below so it is not confusing! Possibly a drop from dungeons?
  7. You don't put name tags in an anvil with the weapon in vanilla you just put the weapon in...
    Name tags are for animals...
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  8. Item name tag then? sorry for confusion, its been a while since I played vanilla
  9. It still will cause scamming
  10. Pyriz

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    Hijack HIJACK
    this post was made in july kid
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  11. Well, I know people's gonna hate e when i say this but changing names on your items simply cant be possiable. There was a time in my life that I want to change names on items like a cake I wanna rename to say happy birthday to my friend. However, it occurs to me that scams will happen all the way like people messing up with names and trading in a scammed way. I mean renaming midas sword to pigman sword is one scam (i mean not even pay attention to their ability). So my theory is that hypixel and his fellow companions are trying to not let this happen so dat is why they remove the specific ability from the anvil.
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  12. Actually the name tag is only for mobs, changing an item name is with a simple anvil.So I think you should be able to rename like animals. I’m thinking we will be able to use them with pets
  13. Necro

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