1. Hello, I was wondering what you guys think are the best perks for this game. Don't ask me what mine are, as they suck. Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. Always take rampage and victory rush. 3rd perk depends on how you play : chose regen II or double jump or speed or idk, last one is up to you.
  3. Early game if you can get a lot of kills and/or capture altars successfully:
    -Victory rush (the one that gives 2 hearts on kill.)
    -Gold perk (gives 30% more gold.)
    -Regen 2 (you can change this or the gold perk for something else. Regen 2 gets you back up on your feet much faster.)

    Mid-game (same as above. My setup below assumes I stay at the hill the rest of the time.)
    -Victory rush
    -Regen 2

    Late-game. If enemy team is winning and/or both teams are close to winning:
    -Victory rush
    -Regen 2 (you can change this to resistance or rampage)
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    Personally, I run Rampage + Victory Rush + Gold Rush for the beginning of the game. I switch over to Rampage + Victory Rush + Double Jump when I max out my sword, or if my team is getting backed into a corner (or if the enemy team is easy to slaughter, I might switch over a little earlier for the kill chasing from Double Jump ^-^)
  5. Thanks for the replies guys! I didn't even think about making new builds and switching between them during games.
  6. Mine is a little weird but it works. I consistently get 10 ish win streaks.
    Victory rush, rampage, and hit and run. Hit and run is broken when used correctly as you can get infinite speed 2. ( You get speed when hitting a zombie) Rampage just 2 shots everyone with sharp 1 diamond sword and victoryrush because you get a lot of kills.
    After shooting someone with like a 0.5 second charge you rush with speed and combo them. Orrrrr use a bow full charge for -5 hp and then speed at them and 4 tap them with a stone sword

    seriously, hit and run is broken and no one uses it
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    make your own setup and play your own way.

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