1. Well, now you are as unhelpful as the main post, why is discord better for that? Less people than have seen this thread will join
  2. buseton

    buseton Active Member

    I’m not gonna be like others so I’m gonna give you proper reply
    Good luck with what you do, don’t listen to random persons giving you dislikes
    Make sure to read allowed modifications so your client will not break the rules
    Test it yourself first and make a video out of it so you’ll make sure your client is completely safe for others too
  3. So what is the client then?

    Main menu and... preliminary coding?

    So is it a modpack with... a main menu?
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  4. Ty for the suggestions!
    No... do you understand English? I said we have almost done the main menu and some preliminary coding. And that doesn't mean it's all.
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  5. You aren't very informative in the thread, which shows xd
  6. Well I mean it would be nice to know what your client... does?
    I would think that's something important you know.

    Because saying preliminary coding doesn't really show me any features. [What do you even mean by that?]
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  7. What are you using to make the client? How are you going to apply it to hypixels games?

    (also you never answered my questions from when you posted this in creative hub so its a bit sus not gonna lie >->)
  8. bruh do you understand english? it is going to improve the player's gameplay by including useful mods, completely changing the aesthetics of the game, boosting its performance and adding a lot of exciting features!!!!!
  9. Oh now I understand! This exciting new innovative feature-filled will have a strategic alignment to all players needs.
    This is the excitive disrupting innovation that we need in our current climate and market. This Paradigm shift will rapidly transform the way players play and live.
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  10. Joined their discord and discovered innovative feature #1:


    -Won't use forge
    -Won't allow the use of external mods not included in the pack [For now they say?]
    -1.8.9 supported only
    -Will "boost" [Not just FPS only whatever that means]
    -Has 1-2 devs, and one artist working on it currently

    So, currently.
    The client is indeed a main menu with some mods installed.
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  11. Vardiro

    Vardiro Active Member

    Seems cool, good luck!
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  12. Good Luck! If you need anyone to help develop hit me up, usually can find free time
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  13. I don't know why people are sending so much hate on every thread I make on this forum.
    I mean... I'm not insulting anyone or saying bad things or whatever... am I? :confused:
    I'm just trying to make a client like all the other ones, but with some changes and with new unique features, there's nothing bad in it...
    Join the Discord and DM me!
  14. i tried to make a better one

  15. yes but there is not much info in this thread and being unable to answer simple questions... i think
    again, i tried taking the wheel

    like this for coup Detroit
  16. Adlair

    Adlair Active Member

    I'll believe it when I see it. As of yet, this doesn't have any unique or distinguishable features. I wish you luck with your project, and hopefully, it'll be interesting at release.
  17. If you actually read what we said you'd know exactly what we mean lol
  18. Thanks!
  19. dnomyaR

    dnomyaR Well-Known Member

    IfOnly I
    If this makes you get banned, then what's the point of getting this even you told any staff doesn't make the watchdog whitelist this client.
  20. dnomyaR

    dnomyaR Well-Known Member

    IfOnly I
    I wanted to have a Fullbright mod without using LiteMod (LiteMod always damage the client itself, yes it crashes and you can't normally start the client up anymore but it doesn't damage other clients installed on my computer. Oh and it's not even stable for my computer :/)

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