1. Thanks mate!
    Bruh that's the last problem I'm thinking of. Malware apparently isn't a thing on Mac OS, sooo... poor Windows users I guess? :p
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  2. CVerse

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  3. upload_2019-8-23_18-54-33.png
    This is where I lost the tiny minimal amount of confidence I had in this

    But seriously though. Do any of you guys have Java / Coding knowledge?

    What is in the client. Have you even started?
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  4. Cant wait to see what your going to make :D
  5. No
  6. shut up
  7. ....
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  8. BuildOn

    BuildOn Member

    If you actually make it, before putting it out to the public, make sure you get a green light from Hypixel themselves.
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  9. If it can access the internet, it can get a virus :p
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  10. I guarantee you that the existing clients haven’t thought of every possible feature to add.
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  11. Bruv, in the nicest way possible, I’m pretty sure he’s a figurehead.

    There are other coders behind this.
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  12. Well yeah, but chances are way less.
    Sure we have. I mean not me but the coders do.
    Obviously we did start. The main menu is almost done and all the preliminary coding is almost done too.
    Thanks a lot, finally a positive comment... I'm getting sick of this... :confused:
    Just... no? Try to write a serious answer.
    Sure, that's why I'll try to contact some mods/helpers. And ask them if they could reach some admins...
    Yes indeed.
    But obviously I'm not sitting there doing nothing. o_O
  13. Seems interesting. Good luck! Although you do realize what you’re walking into right? A potential big red button ban.

    So yeah good luck, pretty risky. Someone explain to me why we’re being so mean to this individual who just want to help the players
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  14. Vixxz

    Vixxz Well-Known Member

    Allied ALLIED
    i can already see the headlines on Hypixel Alert
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  15. Well, I will try my best to alert Hypixel Staff as soon as possible, so I can get an OK from them.
    HAHAHA, naah that's not gonna happen. :p
  16. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    why even make a thread about this if it isn't even close to ready? you haven't told us any information about it at all, only that it will be helpful and boost performance? The FAQ is as unhelpful it can be, none of the questions have an actual answer

    I'm maybe a little harsh but I don't see how this thread would help anyone XD
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  17. Why don't you look at what's in the spoiler?
    There's a Discord server... and in that server we give news about the creating process...
    We know it's not done yet, lol.
  18. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Why not update people here?
  19. Gl i guess, but I’ll stick to forge and blc
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  20. Nahh Discord is better mate.

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