1. Ah yes, quick housing storytime because I'm bored

    I went to a basic "woLvEs vErSuS hUmAnS" roleplay thing and the owner was extremely strict.

    Guy (Co-Owner lol) got kicked for saying "wtf means what the fish" after the owner got mad at some girl for saying "Press F to pay respects" because apparently that means the f word

    Then I proceed to get muted for saying "wth means what the haybale." end up being unmuted by the Co who got kicked.

    There's a good chance nobody gives any craps about this but I have nothing else to say
  2. OfficialPikachu

    OfficialPikachu Well-Known Member

    They're not worth your time, just a bunch of overreactive tweens that don't care about how others feel.
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  3. Yeah, I know.
    Although the owner eventually left and the CO guy who unmuted me even said the owner was ridiculous lol

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