1. Frizouille64.

    Frizouille64. Well-Known Member

    I cri, i can't play at all, too much lag...:(
  2. 03o i need that texture pack!
  3. Hey, thought i would be noticed here, so i won a race in in turbo kart racer, and at the end it said something about contacting a staff member. It also said it tried to connect to the lobby "Gingerbread". Do you know of this already?
  4. puppy_boy44

    puppy_boy44 New Member

    Best Game EVER !
  5. Hare_

    Hare_ Member

    T.K.R. is soo fun!
  6. Change hype trains to hype karts :D
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  7. kewl 10/10
  8. I could not resist byuing that awesome cart named "Blueshell Inc - Dante".

    But I came up with 2 ideas during the gameplay and when idling in the lobby chatting:
    1. What is the hype train skin was added?
    2. Could there be a update there you can test the cart's outside of the spawn, and that the cart would automaticly disappear if you try to drive it inside of the main lobby area? I made that discuss in the lobby and many players would like to have that added... :3
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  9. Yay, a low graphics, bad ping, less choice Mario Kart ripoff. Whats next, Splatoon and Pokemon, maybe even Pac-Man or Galaga.

    Nonetheless 10/10
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  10. sorry but some people dont have 200 dollars to spend on one game. I can pay 30 dollars for mario kart, counters srtike and a great community. (Thats you Hypixel)
  11. MineC_G

    MineC_G Active Member

    Man, I absolutely love the concept and the tracks, however, the lagg is just not practical. Half of the time I'm in a wall already before being able to turn, but maybe that's just my PC.
  12. Sounds like a great addition! You should make a separate post and perhaps make an opinion poll.
    However, people can probably test new items just by playing a game with it, right :p
  13. Not actually. As you may have noticed, some of the vehicles needs to be bought to be able to use it. And that cost's a good amount of hypixel credits, and that's something many users don't have...
  14. Meh new fav gam.
  15. R u going to have a course building contest
  16. Where can you download the resource pack for the game? :):)
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  17. harpot369

    harpot369 New Member

    Awe game!!! :D
  18. fishcatcher2012

    fishcatcher2012 New Member

    Yeah, this game is great. But it's WAY to laggy :mad: and I keep glitching back every race.
  19. DoomKitty

    DoomKitty New Member

    Wow, looks like fun!
  20. I literally Can't stop playing it CX Im addicted :p

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