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  1. Hey all,

    Firstly, welcome to the Prototype Lobby (PTL)! This lobby is a new dedicated space on Hypixel where you can help us test fun new minigames and features. The idea is to involve you, the community, more in the process of developing new games whilst also freeing up developers to work on updates for existing games across the server.

    You are currently in the main PTL subforum. Each PTL game has its own subforum, so we can keep specific discussions on games separate (and archive the whole forum if needed). Any threads posted in the wrong place will be moved (or deleted). As with the rest of the forums, this area is for civil discussion, new ideas, and feedback - we want the Prototype Lobby to be one of the most fun places on the server!

    Read on below for answers to many commonly asked questions. Please check your question has not already been answered before reading it!

    Q. Is the PTL open at the moment?
    A. The PTL is currently live, you can play it right now! Please note we may close it at any time to fix major bugs or other issues.

    Q. How do I join the PTL?
    A. The PTL can be joined in several ways. On your game Compass item in your hotbar, you can select the PTL icon which is an anvil. You can type the chat command /lobby PTL or /lobby prototype. Or you can use the PTL NPC character in the Main Lobby to join (if available).

    Q. The PTL is live, but I can't join it. Why is this?
    A. For stability reasons, we sometimes add a player limit to the PTL. This means only a certain amount of players can join, and if you try to join after the limit you won't be able to get in. Sorry about that, please try again later!

    Q. How does the Hype Meter system work?
    A. When you play Prototype Lobby games, you earn a new currency called Hype. Each game earns you an equal amount of Hype. Hype can be spent by right-clicking the Hype Diamond icon in your hotbar. You can choose to add Hype to any active minigame in the PTL. Adding Hype to a minigame will increase that game's Hype Meter - this helps us know which minigame you enjoy and are super hyped about.

    Q. Will my progress and stats transfer over if a PTL minigame becomes a full minigame?
    A. The PTL is highly experimental, and as such any stats or progress you make in minigames may be reset at any time.

    Q. Where should I post my ideas or feedback on a PTL game?
    A. Each active PTL game has a subforum within the main PTL forum. We recommend posting your ideas or feedback in the specific game subforum.

    Q. Where should I post my ideas for a new game, or the lobby itself?
    A. Feedback and ideas on the lobby itself, or new games, are best posted in the main PTL forum.

    Q. Where should I post any bugs, exploits or other issues I find?
    A. Bugs, exploits, and issues with PTL games should be posted in the Bug Reports subforum. Please make sure to read the "How to report a bug" guide before posting.

    Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy all the games :D
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