1. Hello! Recently I have been working on a Hypixel Auction House online tracker. This tool allows you to track auctions and know if you are getting the correct prices for items you are trying to purchase. The current stack is a React application for the frontend. Which is powered by a Express backend. There are a few bugs here and there. But none the less it gets the job done. I am not sure how popular it will become. But please don't destroy the backend :D.

    Let me know if there are any bugs!
    Discord Server: https://discord.gg/ahrtdXv

    You can visit the auction site here: https://auctions.craftlink.xyz/
    (Don't mind the home page)

    Here are some previews!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. Hiiva

    Hiiva Well-Known Member

    Amico AMICO
    Why is a Discord login required?
  3. If you put discord login that means you have access to track what we doing, It's a big no sorry
  4. As of right now Discord login being required is to allow users to save auctions for later. But I can work on a more public version later tonight! Thank you for giving me feedback!
  5. So we can keep the Auctions you want to keep an eye on right on the front page!
  6. I just finished the public version of the auction tracker. https://auctions.craftlink.xyz/public :D
  7. You are a genious
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  8. Is it possible to include the usernames of people who bidded on that item?
  9. Hello! As of now the username for auctions isn't available when you continue without login. But if you were to login you can. The reason being is due to ratelimits. I am limited to 600 requests per 10 minutes to mojang. I am caching the requests so I am sure that later tonight I can let people request users without having to login!
  10. thank you, I've been trying to write all the auction items, this is a lot faster.
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  11. Added your suggestion! Please note that if you request too many usernames you will be ratelimited. (Request auctions that are only of value!)

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