1. Hey! I've been working on this project for sometime now and I thought that I'd release it now. At the moment I only have server stats but I'm looking to expand it to include other things in the future. If you want to see it now you can click the link below but if you want to read more keep scrolling :)

    Server Stats
    Displays how many players are online right now as well as some other interesting stats.
    The server status updates every minute automatically if you leave the page open.

    Also, if you have have any suggestions or feedback please feel free to leave it below or just PM me.
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  2. 043A7

    043A7 Well-Known Member

    It's not like it's something new, but the design is awesome! I like it!
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  3. Thank you, and yes it's nothing new but I learn a lot when I make these types of things so that's why I do it.
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  4. This is looking to be really great! (Sorry if this counts as necro posting, I messed up setting up my notification settings.)

    Can I suggest adding a note on the server stats section that tells you what time the graphs use? (Eg UTC, GMT)

    Also, now we can finally prove that Hypixel is larger than Minepl- wait, what?
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  5. All times are in UTC but that may change in a few weeks... I forgot to put that in that footer.
    Also there may be an update coming for that in the next month or so to view past weeks cause... you know...
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  6. BencoPvp

    BencoPvp Member

    AWESOME :O ! Gg :)
  7. ImAlwaysoBored_

    ImAlwaysoBored_ Well-Known Member

    le new plancke...
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  8. BencoPvp

    BencoPvp Member

    En moins dévelloppé , mais le site est beau :)

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