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  2. When I login, why won't it change from the loading screen with the gear on it. I'm trying to sign up and because of this I can't. If I close the page, and try to login it said invalid username or password. I've hears so many great things about this, can someone pls help me?

    Now Looking at the Registered Users, my Username is there with all the correct details, except, when I try to login, it still says Invalid Username or Password. This makes no sense. Please Help!
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  3. Oops sorry about that... I have updated your account.
  4. Thanks for that :)
  5. Sorry about the problems with signing up on the website... I've needed to upgrade my server to account for all this o.o
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    Just an opinion but can we have a better looking / easier to remember link rather than "https://gm.thedestruc7i0n.ca/" which I bet to many just looks like a bunch of random letters and words combined at first glance.

    Something like HypixelGM.ca or GuildMasterHP.ca would work better than that.

    Just an opinion :p
  7. That could be possible, I just need to know that many people use it, otherwise I'd be dishing out another $15 dollars a year for nothing :/
  8. Woah, we seem to have over 8k different activities within all the 100+ guilds on the site... (joining, leaving, changing roles...)

  9. I need a little help. So when I try to go to My Account, or My Guild pages, it just keeps on loading and actually never changes to the actual screen, where I can customize the Guild page. Is there a way to fix this?
  10. So you're clicking the "Edit" buttons on each page? Or is it just the non-edit button pages while are taking a while to load?
  11. No what I'm saying is : When you are on the home page, the top right hand corner of the page says Both My Guild and My Account. When I try to click on either of those to direct me to that page, it does nothing, and I'm stuck on the Home page. However the All Guilds and All Users button work in the top left hand corner. This make no sense.
  12. Hmm that's awfully weird... how long has this happened?

    (I cannot reproduce)
  13. It's happened ever since I signed up, a few days ago.
  14. Hmm that's awfully weird... I'm going to hop into PM's to get this sorted.
  15. Ok, Msg Me, when your ready to solve it.
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    I got a new API key, revoked the old one on the website and now I can't add the new one?
  17. The 3 months necro....
  18. Try PM him the question instead.
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    Still relevant thread imo.
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  20. Still relevant lmao... @builder_247 PM me

    Also, UPDATE:
    * Fixed the guild activity page (Thanks to @VoidShards for telling me)

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