1. I can't use multiple (I have a couple) because of a post I had made in the new API v2 (can't find it). I had suggested ability for multiple keys and @ZeroErrors said it was not allowed.

    I can do with other players, but I don't think that is allowed either.
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  2. Update:

    Registering is fixed once again!

    My server seemed to have forgotten to save the registering file. It works now!

    Thanks for bearing with me :)

    CC. @P0rt and @SeasonalEclipse
  3. Thank you!
  4. Update!

    I have basically optimized every single line of code in the guild pages and the user pages, I have also done some changes to Hypixel-PHP to just make it faster :p

    Enjoy the speed!
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  5. We have over 75 users on GuildMaster!

    Thanks everyone for the support of my project, keep it up!
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  6. We have hit over 85 users! I've recently moved over to an updated PHP version (7) and also done faster requests to my database.

    If you have any suggestions for this don't be afraid to ask! I want this to be the ultimate tool for Hypixel guild owners :)
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  7. I've just noticed some guild pages not working because of the rare occasion that my server does not reach Hypixel's.... If you happen to notice any please report, I'll be sure to fix it up for you.

    (Fixed @Notifly's page, sorry about that!)
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  8. xDylan

    xDylan Well-Known Member

    when I serach my guild and I'm logged in it brings me to the homepage
  9. @DanTDM________ the bug should be fixed.

    I also just eliminated a bug that basically made all new users signing up have a broken guild...

    I'm really sorry about these inconveniences.
  10. I have finally isolated the bug which made players not able to have guilds which work on sign up...

    If you encounter any bugs (such as not able to edit guild even though you are an officer/guildmaster), please go to your account, edit profile and then click refresh. It should fix any problems you may encounter.

    If you have any other problems do not hesitate to message me :)
  11. I've just gone ahead and manually updated all users' info and their respective guilds'!

    You can say thanks on my profile :)
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  12. It seemed that the API I was using was down for a little while last night so 2 users ( Underta1le and @>YGstephen< ) did not have a guild...

    I have changed the API.

    I also pushed and update which would make guilds have their name updated if it was changed... ( I'm looking at you @Foundation / TeamHax )
  13. I just noticed that we now have over 100 users!

    Thanks for the awesome support :)
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  14. Polyvalent

    Polyvalent Well-Known Member

    Hey :)
    Your website is pretty awesome, I've just logged in, but I can't edit my guild page. Did I miss something? Please re-explain me where is the edit button, please :)
  15. Go to your guild page and click the edit button. (If it does not appear please tell me)
  16. Polyvalent

    Polyvalent Well-Known Member

    Oh after relogging today, the button appeared. Thanks :)
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  17. Polyvalent

    Polyvalent Well-Known Member

  18. xMdb

    xMdb Well-Known Member

    Hypixel Knights KNIGHT
    I found a little bug you need to squash before I use it because I use my iPad a lot :p

    When you click apply for guild on the guild page for that guild, if there is a form that you need to scroll down to access, you cannot scroll down on iPad ;-;
  19. For example, this page won't let you scroll down? https://gm.thedestruc7i0n.ca/join/BFGTeam/

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