1. Thank you very much i didn't know that! You website is great!
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  2. Btw i get an error that my API does not fit with the username or something, what shall i do?!
  3. Are you sure that you click the verify button and you are typing the username of your character cAsE sEnSiTiVe ?
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  5. iDominos

    iDominos Active Member

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  6. TODO -
    • Able to edit email and password while logged in (by @Maxo9 )
    • "feature where you could set a time frame to see the total of Guild Coins the player has earned." (by @King_Jul )
    Thanks for the suggestions and I will get onto them ;)
  7. the guild page isn't working.

    it doesn't show the correct member list and the join/leave thing also doesn't work properly
  8. Everything seems fine on my end, details and when it occurred?
  9. when? its not working for days now.
  10. Fatal error: Call to a member function getUUID() on a non-object in /var/XXX/guildmanager/guild.php on line 636

    the red XXX part is
    w w w / h t m l
    im not allowed to post it without space, lol
  11. Oh, you know what the point is that your key is being used too much, and since I cannot use multiple keys you need to wait a minute, I may implement a system soon.

    (Disable your key to make everything work or just wait 1 min before visiting another site, soz)
  12. @TheDestruc7i0n , I love this it will help me for the future of my guild. Also here are some idea I think it would be amazing if you could have that will make this perfect.

    1.) Add a 'last login' part on the list of the guild members
    2.) Add an 'About' section to the guild page
    3.) Add a guild chat room for members to communicate with the option to make it 'guild members only' or 'public'.

    Anyways awesome job :D
  13. 1.) You can do that if you enable your key, but there are bugs as that is WIP (in your profile)
    2.) There is as you can edit the guild page :)

    3.) Soon (maybe?)
  14. Update:
    • FINALLY fixed newlines throughout GuildMaster, sorry for any times you saw "rn" instead of the newline!
  15. First update of new year :D

    • Added last login time
    • Stability updates :)
  16. UPDATE:

    I would like to say this is fixed!

    Sorry for the long delay and the multitude of errors, but I have squashed every bug (I hope, if you find any please report!)

    It was mainly because of me switching to PHP 7 and the amount of small problems arising from Hypixel-PHP. (@Plancke pls)

    Also thanks to @Max Korlaar for fixing a small bug that, if not fixed, would make me almost totally give up :p

    (@King_Jul your error you found forever ago has been fixed :p)
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  17. Since this is being developed again, any feature requests?

    (Don't worry, still working on the ones I got a while back, some were already implemented!)
  18. Login In dates of players shown in a graphic ... Who has been online the most, general information about how long people are online in total ... And if that's possible idk on which time (most) people log on
  19. That would not fully be possible, as I would basically need to parse over 1k players every so often to get their last login time.... With a key that would only do 120 players per minute and with it being used by PyPixel too :/

    If only I could use multiple keys :(
  20. Can't you theoretically or do you need keys of other players?

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