1. Ay I'm famous :D
  2. xYenchnoPvP

    xYenchnoPvP Active Member

    What is the API key?
  3. Simply use the command
    on the server and copy and paste whatever it gives you :)
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  4. iAmGolem

    iAmGolem Well-Known Member

    Awesome work!
  5. Thanks!
  6. Awesome! I just noticed there are 200 activity updates, keep 'em coming!

  7. iAmGolem

    iAmGolem Well-Known Member

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  8. Few Suggestions:
    •Sort by last log in
    •Sort by amount of coins earned

    If you could add those two things, this code would be by far my favorite! Keep up the great work!
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  9. redacted.

    Will work on that.
  10. Sweet thanks! Looking forward to the 'Sorting by Coins Earned' option! If you do in fact decide to implement that, mind tagging me in your update post so I can get the notification? Or PM me? Thanks and good luck! ;)
  11. Actually what I have is not what you want, don't worry about said option. I will tag you however when done. Also, to get the helper tag in guildmaster go to edit profile and click on yellow button.
  12. Update!
    • Added total coins as a default option, you can now view it per player on the table for each guild page
    • You can also view the last logged in date by selecting the "Can Use Key" option in your profile (edit it)
    P.S Thanks to @King_Jul for the feedback!
  13. Thank you so much!
  14. No problem :)
  15. I am amazed that we already have over 40 users! It not even been a month yet, which is pretty awesome.

    Remember: if you want anything - anything added to this, feel free to either DM me or simply just reply to this, I am always open :)

    I also fixed the stats page, you can now click on the users name and view their stats :)

    Also I fixed a small bug @King_Jul reported 2 days back.
  16. The MOBILE Update!
    • Made the tables mobile friendly (finally)
    • Made all modals better for mobile
    • Many more small adjustments ;)
  17. Awesome news!
    • Added "Guild Extras" and "Publically Joinable" to sidebar list
    • Added guild banner from the Hypixel website
    • Added PVP Run
    Also our first Admin has joined :D Glad to see that someone who is an Admin would use my tool :) @LegitModern
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  18. Palomer

    Palomer Well-Known Member

    I absolutely love this!!!! Thank you!
    But is it possible to create a sorta profile for each Guild member were u see how much Guild coins they made + in a graphic how long they have been online on certain days + when they logged on :)
    Edit: btw what happens if GuildMaster changes?!
  19. Well you can already see how many coins they made and when they last logged on (if you enable key use), but I cannot get get how long they played for :(

    P.S The page will auto update on guild master change :)

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