1. Well plancke doesn't need such thing.
  2. minifreddusch

    minifreddusch Well-Known Member

    Because you can't login on Plancke's page and do thing's, which only you should be able to do ;)
    For example changing the guild website link or any other administrative features.

    This makes sure that you are really the Guild Master, and don't administrate other guild pages in the name of somebody else.
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  3. Just to further this, if you do not feel comfortable with me having the key you can always revoke access, just go to your profile options. I only keep the key just in case you want to be nice and let me use it (also available in your options) to take stress off of my ever growing key requests.
  4. Well I am just wondering what else you're doing with the key?
  5. Nothing unless you let me :p
  6. You should have a thing that you can kick / invite people from the site, like how Minechat works.
  7. Looks so cool :D
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  8. I use this all the time to keep track of which members are being the most active/inactive. Thank you so much for creating this and I hope to see more updates in the future! ;)
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  9. You cannot really kick people online, as the API does not permit that.

    But you can have a join form with Google Docs :)


    Thanks! Glad to see you are enjoying it :)
  10. And where exactly do I decide what I let you do with it or what I won't let you do with it?
  11. In your profile, at the bottom

  12. UPDATE:
    • Added Crazy Walls basic statistics


    Added guild activity feed! (For @Eselyx and @Eladkay )

    See the OP for more info :)

    P.S Thanks to @Plancke for the setExtra and getExtra feature in Hypixel-PHP
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  13. huehue
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  14. Thanks! I couldn't test it yet because its not updating that fast, so I'll have to wait a bit.

    Could you add a friends leaderboard to your website? Its not really necessary, but since friends are in the API it would be nice to have one, Im curious who got the most and how many. And actually most leaderboards are not really necessary. Shouldn't take too long to add. ty
  15. Also, the feed updates whenever the data is not cached, just to conserve all my IOPS
  16. The guild activity is not working.

    I kicked a member to test it.

    It update from 119 to 118 members, but not showing me who left.

  17. Congratulations! You got the first hype train I ever rated
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  18. Also another smaller update, I have made it so that longer guild names (*cough* @Snazzy *cough*) do not get an error as I now get the ID from my database, the ID should not change. (Right @Plancke ?)
  19. yes _id is the id used in the hypixel database and will always be unique
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  20. Small Fix:

    • Fixed UUID's showing up instead of names ;-;
    Also it seems people are using this feature well! For example, take a look at Asylum lead by @RonCrazy

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