1. Seems good enough, I will make the date be approximate, and activated only on page refresh.
  2. If you do this anyways, you could make a full Guild Updates section out of it, where you see name changes, ingame-rank changes guild-rank and member changes.
  3. That would have to use one request per user, which is a lot with a guild with 121 members (one too many to request in one shot :S), I was actually planning on just placing it in a copy of the guild news section (which nobody seems to use :/)
  4. You can get the name changes from the member list as well, as well as the guild rank and the normal rank.
  5. The first two I can do, the last one requires a API request. (If you mean by player rank)
  6. Ok. For the join/left thing you need to check for name changes anyways.
  7. ?

    Experience any problems?
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. #70
  10. Gogeta

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    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    Omg im famous
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  11. beee effff geee tem(123) is nice :3

    Also, I like this :3 It is fanceh
  12. Thanks!

    Also, @Eselyx the server has been storing the data of the coins for the past few days, what you requested may soon be possible :)
  13. Whats about the join/leave thing?
  14. Right...
  15. This looks like a great thing, but I am getting this error, it doesn't let me click the register button, when I try it just shows a circle with a cross, how can I fix this problem?
  16. That means the button is disabled, did you click the verify button after typing in your key?
  17. Transparency Report.

    This is not dead.
    • I have gotten the logic done for what @Eselyx wanted, and will be implementing that into Guild Updates in the upcoming days!
    • I am also going to add Crazy walls to both this and Pypixel very soon too ;)
    • I will also make it not derp out when the API is down

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  18. Thanks :)
    BTW, I still don't understand what you have to enter your API Key for
  19. The Web App uses your API Key to verify who you are in Minecraft and maybe to send the API requests, because sending all requests from one key would be too much because there is a request limit.
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