1. Two really good ideas! For the first one, my sorting library is apparently not "liking" mobile, and the other request would also have to use the table again... I may use a different table library.
  2. kaykaykay

    kaykaykay Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that! Using and implementing it!
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  3. Sweet! Any feedback?
  4. It would be really really amazing if you could make a section where you can see the last few changes in the member list.

    Something like:

    Player89410 joined the guild. (DATE;TIME)
    Player14901 joined the guild. (DATE;TIME)

    Player 819489 left the guild. (DATE,TIME)
    Player 8290 joined the guild. (DATE;TIME)
    Player89410 left the guild. (DATE;TIME)
  5. What can this be used for?
  6. kaykaykay

    kaykaykay Well-Known Member

    That, maybe, otherwise I don't really have any other ideas.
  7. For large guilds is really really useful, especially when someone leaves and you dont know who left, checking a list with 100+ members to find that 1 person who left is really time consuming.
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  8. Done!

    You can now click on the whole row, and a chart will pop up.

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  9. Now onto this... May take me a few days.
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  10. minifreddusch

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    Good job! :)
  11. Thanks, it took a little while since Chartist.js (my graphing API) is still pretty buggy :p
  12. Also nice to have would be a leaderboard for guild coins, where you can set a period of time (either you can set day X to day Y or something like "Last Week" "Last Month" "Total") and then it lists from the best to the worst + shows the total amount during that time.
  13. That would be possible, only problem is that the API only has the last 5 days of coins :(
  14. JediBros

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    Hey when I put the link in for the google docs it doesn't work :/ I even did the thing where it only takes half of the Url
  15. The API also only has the current member list, so for both ideas you'd need to save previous dates, if you only save the difference on the member list for the past few days, and for the coins you simply safe the number of total coins earned before day 6 it wouldn't take much space.
  16. Interesting.... I will look into it asap.

    Ok, edited my code to make it start saving the data. Give it a few days and I will make this happen ;)
  17. Ok, it should work now, I was compressing the data too much, just re-enter your 40 digit form url. (Sorry @Ecolsson you will need to set the form again :()
  18. ripperoni
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