1. When I click my guild link after registering it just re-directs me to the hope page. I allowed my key to be use in my profile settings and I tried to use the refresh button as well. Maybe it's because I am officer not owner?
  2. I'm extremely sorry for that. It was a bug with the API. I went ahead and added your guild for you.
  3. Thank you
  4. Randomness-

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    Using this tool myself to manage my guild, and since it's a very technical guild (corporate guild, has a Discord + Graphic design team), management can get out of hand. This tool made my life much easier..TheDestruc7i0n, thank you for making this :)
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  5. Karan__

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    This looks very convinient
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  6. Pretty cool! My guild is making me make something like this for them. :p

    How do you get the guild activity timeline?
  7. You get the activity timeline by having users join and leave the guild or change their rank in the guild. It was basic logic and such. Any particular reasons why this tool doesn't suit their needs?

  8. No, I just thought it was cool. :D
  9. News:

    Over 150 different users! Thats amazing. Thanks so much!
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  10. Looks cool!
  11. Sorry for recent downtime, was a problem with the host.
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  12. I know it's been quite a few months, but done a few small updates.

    Been noticing that a few guilds aren't loading, and that is a small bug that was introduced a while back. If you experience this, DM me.

    I've also removed the stats page as it is long outdated.

    Here's some stats:
    There are 44k updates (guild join, leaves, etc).
    5 moderators using this
    180 users

    It's doing quite well if I do say so ;)
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  13. Very helpful website, good job,
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  14. Will you be updating it for this upcoming guild update?
  15. Nothing yet has been released about it, but I’ll look into that.
  16. OKay thanks so much
  17. After close to 3 years of activity, I need to bring this project to a close.

    With the guild update, I simply do not have the time to update this project for this type of update.
    The website has not been receiving many users recently, so it was dying slowly anyways...
    To anyone who is still using this site, I am genuinely sorry. (if you'd like some data, you can send me a DM.)

    At the time of close,
    65k activity updates (members joined, left, etc)
    203 guilds
    243 users

    Thank you to everyone who made this happen!
    I wish that users will enjoy the new guild update to its fullest :)
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  18. OnlySuper

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  19. Quick inquiry for those who used my site, what features did you use on it? I can probably separate small chunks of the site if people found it useful.
  20. I mostly used it to check who joined and left the guild.

    @VoidShards I know you used the site a lot too.
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