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    Once again, you meet me in another forum post with yet another creation to place in the Code Creations forum (This is a Code Creation *cough* @Max Korlaar *cough*) .

    So, down to the backstory of this (you may skip if you so please):

    I was looking through the forums when I remembered about how guilds were added a while back and nothing on the website was really using guilds to their full potential. Fast forward a few months, and @PxlPanda had created the new “Guilds page”. I had remembered how I had thought about what I had expected with the guild page. I read it and found that there were cool features, but not everything that I wanted with them. (Sorry PxlPanda! It is extremely good still!) Fast forward yet a few months and I had finally released PyPixel Session tools and was ready to tackle the challenge of this project. Now enough with the rambling, time for the tool itself!

    Login/Register/Forgot Password

    Simply go to the top of the page and click “Login”. Then click “Don't have an account?” if you don’t have an account. If you forgot your password, click on Forgot your password?.

    Disclaimer about Registering:

    We WILL ask you for your API key while registering as the only real alternative to this is to ask you to login to your Mojang account to verify your ownership of the in-game name, what would you choose? We do store the API key for further reference and for if you ever let us use your key for more statistics, but if at any time you do not feel comfortable with us having the key, simple scroll to the bottom of the page and click “REVOKE ACCESS”. We will not use the key without your permission except for once when authenticating. After you delete it, it will be removed from the database and every trace of it will be lost (From us).

    Profile Pages:


    I had originally not decided to make these because it seemed like it would be very repetitive with the forums, but I needed a way to not store every single guild on my server and still be able to let the "GuildMasters" and Officers edit the page. There was also sadly no authentication possible via the forums, so I had to resort to another two days work.

    You can edit the page by logging in and clicking “Edit Profile”. You can add a short Bio, add a website and two social links, and you can finally choose whether or not we can use your key.

    Guild Pages (WIP):


    Finally, the crown jewel of this. The Guild Page. Here, you can view all the members of your guild, add a Google Doc for people to apply for your guild (my own system shall be coming soon, this is only for the meantime! SoonTM), and much more.

    If you are an OFFICER or the GUILDMASTER, you automatically get the option to edit your guild page. There are two columns, on the right you will notice the Profile, which shows basic info about the guild. Then you also got Guild Updates (more on this later).

    On the right side, you got all the members of the guild and their role. If you have enabled use of your key, you will be seeing colorful names (names with formatting from the server :D) otherwise you will just get a normal name (black :(). At the bottom you will also see a guild coins chart, there you can easily view the total guild coins. (More coming soon, this is still heavily WIP. )


    Guild Pages – Guild Updates:


    This is where you can post updates for all guild members, there is a small limit but it should be plenty.

    Guild Activity - (WIP) [NEW]


    It will now detect when a member leaves or joins a guild and if they moved in their rank in the guild! It will only update on page reload and is able to handle multiple updates at once, enjoy :)

    Guild Pages – Join Form (WIP):


    This is where you can implement a Google Forms page so that people who do not have a guild or who have not logged in can easily view your guild’s bio, view your guilds’ users and if they like it they can apply to join. (Once again, I will be creating a system like that of my own.)


    Q: Why do you use ads?

    A: I use ads because I had to upgrade to a slightly more expensive server for all of this, until my income becomes more than my bills, the ads will sadly have to stay. (If you do use adblock can you please use https://www.ublock.org/ as it acts as a pageview but you don't see that ad!)

    Q: Why are you making so many things for the server?

    A: I always liked this server (hence me finding out about it the day after it was released after playing Herobrine 2) and found it a fun place to be and play on. Then the API came out. I then improved my web developing skills and made many tools, even though this may be my last, I may still continue.

    TL;DR: The link is at http://gm.thedestruc7i0n.ca/ don't complain since you did not read this!

    Thanks for playing!


    P.S. Thanks to @Ecolsson for testing!
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  2. Looks pretty cool!
    May I ask what the proxy links are though (in your post) o.o?
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  3. Rolend

    Rolend Well-Known Member

    SkyLegion SKYLGN
    Omg this is amazing. Looks epic! I'm going to check it out right now!
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  4. Oh lol, I wrote this at school and that was the only way to go to my site.
  5. lol :p

    Also, I get an error:
    I've got to go now, I'll try again tomorrow :p
  6. Rolend

    Rolend Well-Known Member

    SkyLegion SKYLGN
    Few moments later: I tried to sign up but my API wouldn't seem to work since it kept saying "Verify" and never turning green or saying "Verified." Wouldn't let me press "Register" even though I filled everything out correctly. I double checked API key and even tried with and without the bars.

    Nevermind, fixed the API issue by refreshing page. Takes so long to register though

    Btw it says to use your MC username as username, but it changes a lot, so what do I use? Forum username which stays the same or can I change my username monthly?
  7. Actually, there is an option in your profile page to refresh your name. Working on the current bugs. I see you succeeded in registering, what did you do?
  8. That seems to be happening and idk why. I have pushed a hopeful final fix for that.
  9. Rolend

    Rolend Well-Known Member

    SkyLegion SKYLGN
    Stuck at the same page for over 10 minutes now. I pressed "Register" after meeting all the requirements and now it's stuck at the same register page with a big wheel spinning infinitely. Should I refresh the page?
  10. It seems your account was made, sorry about that, just login (I had been using and old UUID api)
  11. All registering bugs should be fixed now.

    I also manually made sure that the users who had troubles registering had had all issues resolved: @WolfMasterRJ and @JediBros
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  12. By the way, this should be done, I wonder if my way of doing the verification is just not efficient :/
  13. Noerdy

    Noerdy Well-Known Member

    Nope NOPE
  14. Dang. GG I'm going to use it.
  15. Sk1er

    Sk1er Well-Known Member

    The Foundation HAX
    If only this was out before i bought my guild a private forums website. pffguild.club
  16. Thanks :)

    Thanks! Tell me if you have any problems at all :)

    You can include link to your site on the guild page, it is had not gone to waste yet :)
  17. Nice job ^-^
  18. Thanks!
  19. Anything you want added? I am open to suggestions or bug reports.
  20. Apparently the sorting of guild members is not working on mobile devices. Could you add the guild coins for each member?

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