am i the only one??

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  1. Hi I been playing skyblock for bout 3 months now and I never had durability lost till recently and i walmost broke one of my gold swords like that untill i had got my fang and same for my lapis armor which i sold cause i got golem armor is this a bug / glitch or what ??
  2. I think it's a glitch. In fact, normally nothing takes durability lost. Maybe it's your connection making this. Try testing it with a wooden sword and if it breaks make a bug report
  3. ill try when i get back
  4. If you spam click on a player, durability will be lost and the item will break. To get it back just break a block you should get the item back. Idk about armor.
  5. Nathanliel

    Nathanliel Active Member

    if an item breaks, just click on the slot it was in and you should get it back. It usually breaks because you're lagging too much and the item breaks before hypixel can restore the durability, so clicking the slot it was in before it broke should bring it back.
  6. That usually happens to me when I start lagging. Also when you hit people. Just open inventory and click on the item is it starts losing a lot of durability. If it breaks, also click the inventory slot where it used to be. Or something else in your inventory. It will return

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