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  1. B4RealJosh

    B4RealJosh Active Member

    well getting stuck is the biggest problem i got stuck near the power ups and kept getting the coin boost and rockets its kind of an exploit as you can stay there all game and farm coins it took me about 2 minutes to read the chat command /stuck if stuck because my chat was being spammed with some random message
  2. There's two things me and my friend noticed that we're wondering about. Witch could be bugs, but might not be.

    First when one has the shield activated it seems like the speed boosters don't work. Neither the ones on track or if you get a Shroom. This might be intentional? Understandable if it is, but would be great to know if its a bug or not.

    The second thing is about the cost of the Helmets. I don't understand the way things are priced. It seems very random right now. This especially comes to the 3 "starter" helmets and I think we start with one random color. I got the blue one and would like the red one but the price for that one is 25000? While the yellow one is 5000... Not sure what the cost of the blue is. (wonder if its 1000) But it seems strange that the cost of these ones has such huge difference.
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  3. So I was simply in first place as usual and all of a sudden, Everything hit me. Blue Shells, Red, Greens, Bombs (Mostly bombs) and then I was in 10th. I thought ok. I can still finish the round! So I finished my 3rd round and it didn't count it! It said I just finished my second. So I got nothing in return. GG 11/10 would get sent back to 10th place again.
  4. Elite

    Elite Active Member


    At the start of a race (while you're in waiting lobby) - it might have also been just at the start of the race...

    if you begin to drift - (crouch - and left click) ... (other people might have other ways) ...

    it basically makes me exit the cart at the beginning of the race...

    and there is no way for me to get back in the cart (I tried /stuck) and that did nothing


    Also I found out one glitch while doing this:

    If I went behind the start line (until the other racers finish the first lap) - i'm considered to be first place, and things like blue missile hit me - and not others (but do nothing to me) ... so I could be used as a preventive measure....
  5. the only problems I have had was lag. Its really laggy for me and my friend and that made it really hard to play.
  6. I think I joined at the last second, since I never saw the pre-game lobby.

    Timestamp: 2015-05-22_21.05.53 (I'm EST)
    /whereami gave the same server in the screenshot, s379.
  7. OK, so the first one I posted was incorrect. The next three aren't.

    Red Missles sometimes hit the ground and explode, doing nothing.

    And maybe it's just RNG, but after over 10 part rolls I have nothing but Frames.

    Also lag.
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  8. Ok, so when TNT wizards first came out it was laggy but you guys fixed it, so I was wondering if you could do the same kind of thing with TKR.
  9. XxEpicarxX

    XxEpicarxX New Member

    Sometimes when i drift i randomly start driving backwards and it is also very laggy.
  10. Didn't know to do /whereamI, but I think this bug is more lag than anything.

    Timestamp:5/22/2015 At 9:45 P.M.(I live in EST :D)*
    Explanation: During a lag spike** I ran through one of the boxes, and rather than giving me an item, it gave me the box instead. The box stayed there and didn't do anything until I ran into another one.

    * a screenshot of the image properties for proof
    **The kind where everyone loses control of their karts and people are teleporting everywhere
  11. Monz

    Monz Well-Known Member

    Elpapel 1909YT
    I just played 2 rounds, and in each we got stuck in the "Finisher Watching Area" thing for about 8 minutes. Happened in both.
  12. DarkAvalon3

    DarkAvalon3 Active Member

    I can't seem to get the shift button boost thingy to work, and the punching feature at the end really bothers me I try to go hide in s corner and someone comes and starts punching me until it's over. I know for some people it's fun but it gets annoying fast. And to me, the controlling of the karts is hard to do, and when I play in f5 it randomly puts me back at normal screen when I bump into things or just randomly at all. But I find it easier to plays this with f5 than warlords lol
  13. Hi Hypixel,

    At around 9:20 Central time (10:20 EST) I was trying to custom make a engine, and when I hit the purchase button, it wasn't showing up in my parts inventory. If you could either give me that part (acceleration 1) or refund it, that would be awesome.
    Thanks in advance,
  14. DarkAvalon3

    DarkAvalon3 Active Member

    Lol totally true [Im joking but are you xD?]
  15. klice315

    klice315 Active Member

    Xaans XAANS

    CRAZIEST BUG EVER, i started the game as normal, then someone pushed me into a wall and this happened, hundreds of coins per second, and unlimited abilities, however none of it counted cause i was "hacking" xD after 2:00 is just me being stupid...
    EDIT: I actually did get the coins, after I get warped into a different lobby, I get 800 coins, and I didn't even finish the race...
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  16. o xD thanks sorry, i reported ur comment thinking u were calling me gay until i saw my comment ;-; xD thanks man
  17. thebigsteaks

    thebigsteaks Active Member

    Wow awesome really, let me just say how awesome this is by far the best game on hypixel! Buut i think there is one big problem for me the steering it would be great if there was a option for look where you want to go steering like that party game pig jousting. Another thing is on my brothers average computer the world/track doesnt generate as fast so this is a huuuge pain when admiring all the hard work put into this (note i do not have this problem because of my lag free laptop) I would increase wourld gen by .35% but this can have its own problems like generating parts of other games Those are my 2 minor but good ideas


    i saw on that stand where the first-third is the first place winners head was the green bullet at first i thought it was just part of his skin but then his body dissapered and it was just the bullet. Intresting eh?
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  18. Everytime I've gone from either Turbo Karts to Warlords or opposite I get the error that I don't have the resource pack. Not sure if the same happens for other games like Galaxy Wars or Cops and Crims.
    Would be great to have a command like the /bg in warlords for Turbo Karts :)
  19. Did you set resource packs disabled for the hypixel server?
  20. Not sure if this has already been reported (or if this is what you are looking for), but the times for the TKR parkours don't show up on a player's statistics page.
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