1. the sniping problem has gotten so out of hand. I’m going to start making a thread if I can everytime I get sniped.

    Rn watch out for suspiciousdog - mvp+ KCALS sniper

    christianosG- USA sniper
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  2. Yeah. I’m 250 stars and I’ve been sniped twice. It’s out of control. I can’t wait for the watchdog update that’s coming some time in 2020.
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  3. I hope hypixel follows through with this promise because their are already many broken ones :(
  4. zHqck

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    Read hypixel tiwtter lol
    KCALS going to court if they don't stop lol
  5. Glad to hear that, but what Hypixel says they don't always follow through with, just like all of us. No shade thrown at them but with all the stuff going on and the history of updates in 1 month (before taking like 5) just makes me lose a little trust. I have noticed a drop in snipers recently (personally at least from about 2 per day to 1 every week in the last month) so the threat seems to be working well.

    Anyway I didn't read the tweet so thanks for letting us know!
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    One thing that we can all do is to stop calling snipers anything other than snipers. Every time you use a sniper clans “group name”, you are just giving them free advertising. It doesn’t matter that it’s negative advertising, that is these groups care about anyways.

    If I was a sniper and all I do is snipe other players, and I searched the forums for “Hashito”, do you think I would care that all 100+ results are negative? No! As a sniper, who’s only purpose is to unleash havoc, I would be thrilled that there are 100+ results of people complaining about me.

    If I was a sniper and 0 results came up? I might be a little bit disappointed!

    You have to remember that these types of groups or people look for this type of attention. When snipers read posts complaint specifically about them, it satisfies heir brain. It encourages them to do it again so that they can find more posts complaining directly about them.
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  7. ikr, SU died a few weeks ago (7rc quit) and kcals have become more active as a result, good thing blacklists dont carry over between su and kcals or id be dead lmao
  8. lol ive never been sniped cuz im a feeble 64 star but ive played with people who snipe or get sniped. i wish watchdog was that much better, but that would be hard to do. watchdog picked up on me using autosprint with a clinet i was trolling my friends with, i didnt realise i was using it but it still banned me. if anyone has any suggestions for what i can do to stop this ban, apart from waiting it out, then that would be appreciated
  9. Greninja

    Greninja Well-Known Member

    I've been sniped 3 times in the past 2-3 weeks lmao, I just want a 100 solo winstreak man ;/
  10. You got banned for auto sprint?
  11. V9TooDevilish

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    Very well said.
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  12. idk if it’ll work but maybe an antisniping discord would be cool like the ACA for ranked skywars where you could just catalog a list of cheaters
  13. do u have a link i want to see it
  14. i agree with this!

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