Is it broken?

Poll closed Apr 3, 2019.
  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. It will always say (I have asked other players)

    "Your sending commands to fast! Please slow down!"

    Plz fix this staff.
  2. @Michael18751

    Has this always been the case or just recently....

    Watchdog has worked in the past just fine in the pit.
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  3. Now im blocked from using the command please unblock me staff
  4. Died

    Died Well-Known Member

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    You should probably not abuse the command so often.
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  5. you probably did it too much, but I don't think watchdog is active in PTL games anyway, it just notify's any free staff to have a look if there are enough reports
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  6. It's unfair how it doesn't work in PTL games cus I wanna streak so bad sometimes but I can't cus either a bhopper is there or someone using 3.5 block closet cheating.
  7. I also have evidence of hackers there if you wanna look
  8. I only watched the first few mins but I don't see anyone cheating, what point is there a hacker?
  9. I got the same and it was only my second time doing it today, and first time using any commands in 30 minutes, so I'm pretty sure that must be a bug. It worked after a while, although the message is different since it seems they're redoing the reports system.
  10. It worked fine every other time but today it decides to die
  11. Look I typed it in ONCE Screenshot (153).png
  12. This is 100% Staff we need watchdog fixed and these people banned who are hacking
  13. I FIGURED IT OUT just use /report (player) (type of hacks)
  14. I just had this problem and I looked it up. I find this, obviously, but like...

    ...it doesn't work when the player is offline, and that's unfortunate for me because I've been having this problem and now I can't even report the person. (I generally report people just to be safe, though I'm suspicious of this person because they joined just yesterday and they were crazy annoying in a game of Bedwars I just played.)

    Also, I tried going into their profile and clicking the report button, but it still says the same message, "You are sending commands . . ."
  15. FFS murderergod isnt bhopping
    I think no one in these vids are hacking judging by how you reported him for bhop
    also speed is from first strike or olympus.
  16. I made highlights watch the latest video
  17. also when I reported someone they got banned instantly XD
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  18. UPDATE!!!

    /wdr works now and it has now been updated with a new book interface. That explains why it was down.
  19. Now to wait for the person I wanted to report to go online! :D
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  20. Dude it’s not that they hack it is just that you suck

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