1. If you ever hold tab while joining a game, a doggo with a red name will show up at the top. As far as I've heard this is actually the watchdog KillAura bot, neat!

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  2. Most of them have inappropriate names also lol
  3. kinda obvious lol
  4. yes they r still there but hid
    i always saw them as well
  5. I have a mini heart attack every time I see it and I hit it while I pvp sometimes so it scares me even more
  6. Im going to call WatchDog WatchDoggos now
  7. Yes... Some of the names are... pretty bad to put it mildly.
  8. Once it was the n word
  9. damn,this thread exists ;-;
  10. Zelodan235

    Zelodan235 New Member

    Sometimes this watchdog starts spinning around me and is blocking my hits and it is kinda annoying XD
  11. Hxrt

    Hxrt Active Member

    I’ve gotten nearly all inappropriate names and it’s hilarious. I wonder if they choose the name or can set a “ default “ name.
  12. Oh yeah lol
  13. It has to be random yet names players would have that way hacked clients know it's players
  14. Yes. Most of them are banned accounts.
  15. JAMtheWither

    JAMtheWither Well-Known Member

    stop saying ‘doggo’

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