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  1. Cryptkeeper

    Cryptkeeper Network Developer

    It’s been 5 months since we released everyone’s favorite dog: Watchdog. A lot has happened since then and we wanted to give you guys an update and an outlook on what's planned...

    As of today, Watchdog has banned 254,643 players (that’s more bans than all of 2015 combined!) and accounts for 33.2% of all bans in Hypixel history. It's also improved the games of over 4.23 million players!

    A key part of Watchdog is it’s ability to adapt and learn. With the help of the community and staff it’s constantly learning, improving and catching more cheaters. Since it’s launch in January, Watchdog’s daily ban count has tripled!

    This massive improvement in detecting cheats also means there’s less reports, and less people to ban that haven’t already been banned by Watchdog. So fewer, that the amount of bans due to reports has decreased by almost 65%!

    This also means there's less cheaters for staff to chase down, which gives them more time to have fun with the community, handle reports and help other players! As a result, the monthly staff ban count has decreased by almost 50%!

    As of May, the monthly staff ban count is at the lowest it's been in the last 11 months!

    Of course - we're not stopping there! Watchdog is constantly learning all sorts of new tricks through the help of the community and staff alike. It will always be improving and working to make Hypixel more fun! A special thank you to the staff team and anyone who has helped along the way, you guys have helped to make an enormous impact! :cool:
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  2. I feel like a proud child well done for making such a good anti-cheat!
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  3. Holy crap, this is amazing o.o
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  4. Go watchdog!
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  5. GG! :D

    Sadly, a few of those bans weren't deserved...:(
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  6. Watchdog is savage...
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  7. Sk1er

    Sk1er Well-Known Member

    The Foundation F
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  8. Keep up the good work WD!
    Posted 2 mins ago, edited 3 ago?
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  9. #placebo

    Edit: this is a joke watchdog is guud
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  10. #OP
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  11. You've banned half the population of my city :confused:
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  12. Wow looks like the hackers thought may would be a good time to hack- Nope
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  13. xxTanner97x

    xxTanner97x Well-Known Member

    This is good watchdog has improved a lot from when it was released. There are still a decent amount of hackers, but they're more like ghost client users, rather than people using full blown clients to fly and kill aura and etc.
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  14. [​IMG]
    I love watching hacking videos on youtube where the person is making fun of watchdog and calling it terrible while flying around the map, but has to change accounts every game. Kind of funny :p
    Anyways this has been one of the most successful projects in hypixel history, congratulations creating something so amazing. It's far from perfect, and I look forward to the day it replaces NCP fully, but it's doing a great job and I can't wait to see where it goes!
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  15. TheAluMinion

    TheAluMinion Well-Known Member

    Amazing. #IloveWatchdog
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  16. MrHelloMan

    MrHelloMan moderator

    Awesome! Great to hear how much watchdog has improved over the last few months!
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  17. Very interesting. I am compiling a huge list of 50+ reports, so the staff have to deal with that soon.
    I may be the one to change the percentage of reports by ban. :p
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  18. Hinawa

    Hinawa Well-Known Member

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  19. I see these statistics represented by the amount of hackers I am finding in games - In the last week I have only found 2 hackers in Skywars. Watchdog is so OP. Hackers better be scared.

    I love that I can spend more time helping new players and answering questions instead of having to file countless reports about hackers who ruin the game.
    Thanks you watchdog!!! <3
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  20. hai
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