What method should they take?

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  1. Rqcc00n

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    Yes, I know its harsh as coding an anticheat is very hard and challenging. I have encountered 5 cheaters in the past hour, watchdog has fallen off and I am here to NOT tell you to partner with badlion. Badlion Client is great, I use it but my friends cant log onto it and it would be awful if we couldn't play hypixel..

    Idea: Create a NEW role in the staff category that has a job to supervise games and can recieve watchdog reports and supervise that player, make sure they have EVERY ban recorded so no false bans.

    Idea #2: Make BADLION CLIENT ONLY games so only badlion players can use these certain games.. I know its still possible to cheat on badlion, but it would reduce the amount of cheaters in this certain game..
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  2. first: those are called mods
    second: recording every single player who's suspected of hacking? that's essentially impossible
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  3. Omae wa mo, SINDEI RU
  4. Idea one already exists. The fact that you don’t know moderators exist shows your knowledge on these topics.

    Second idea could work, but Hypixel doesn’t want to force players do download a third party client in order to play.
  5. so, a mod
  6. Huh?
  7. MiniMod

    MiniMod Active Member


    Jokes aside, this is just called a moderator, which we already have. Watchdog bans in waves to prevent any errors when it comes to a ban and is just easier to control. As for your suggestion about having the badlion client required to play, not everyone plays on Badlion - like myself - and would just be a hassle. You're simply only thinking about yourself and not others.
  8. Autocorrect is the bane to my existence.
  9. I understand... It is painful.
  10. "mou shindeiru"??
  11. I repeat: nani
  12. lol i'm just waiting for a mod to delete this thread because of "shit"
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  13. Woah, you don't understand what's written falsely on purpose and what is not :eek: I am not stupid, I could have just googled it...
  14. Vicerint

    Vicerint Well-Known Member

    Once again another guy who has no clue what he is talking about lmao
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  15. Given that I'm not the only one that called you out on it, I believe your intentions were not clear enough for possibly quite a lot of people.
  16. hecc
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  17. you joking? 30k hackers/cheaters getting ban on Hypixel EVERY WEEK its the same amount of badlions active players lol both of your ideas are impossible
  18. Idea #1: too much work, and they already have a similar system in place.
    Idea #2: people would not like this and would likely quit.
  19. i hope this is a joke. i'm losing faith in the community. but what do you expect, it's full of 12 year olds with an IQ of 10, punch themselves in the face and say it was their invisible friend, and say they're gonna run away every 10 seconds.
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  20. Also, Badlion network has shut down.

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