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  1. Why you do this i hate you!
  2. 3o5z77

    3o5z77 New Member

    Good bye hackers
  3. I have been super excited for this to come! I am very interested in computer-learning algorithms and I would love to learn more on how you've done it. This new system excites me. I am really glad the server will be catching the cheaters more effectively and more reliably. Thanks for your hard work! <3
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  4. Andrewwwww

    Andrewwwww Member

  5. EzBump

    EzBump New Member

    Got a few questions about this. Just want to check if the variations I use are okay.
    I use Optifine with the zoom and sprint keys (zoom zooms in, sprint lets you sprint when you hold it with W)
    I also have a JVM argument in my profile for Optifine (found it on the Internet. Not entirely sure how it works tbh but it helps my FPS)
    Would these be detected by Watchdog?
  6. optifine is allowed as listed in the allowed modifications document linked on the first page. as for the JVM argument, there is no way for the server to see these arguments as it only concentrates on packets being sent and server side files, it doesnt read client side information
  7. R.I.P Hypixel :((((
  8. #749
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  9. i am a missile
  10. what about badlions cheat detection? it's deadly. u can't even have a ghost client
  11. Finally a server that uses an intelligent AI to get rid of the hackers!
    We welcome a new age :p
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  12. I always knew dogs were better than cats
    especially the watchdogs ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)
  13. Do I have to reenable Nagle's algorithm or does this only apply for how frequently the packets are send/recieved?
    I mean... the algorithm itself is very inefficient and because today everyones bandwith is large enough to handle many smaller packets, so I realy dislike the idea of using the algorithm. Otherwise I've never been bannd and this should stay like this ^^
  14. So this won't be released for anyone else to use other than hypixel? Quite selfish if you ask me.
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  15. Finally <3
    Bye 4 ever to the hackers
  16. Hypixel is business orientated corperation with a great relationship with their community. Their goal is not to change problems other servers might have. This is not selfish, this is fair and realistic :p
  17. Golfer8383

    Golfer8383 Active Member

    Could there be any issues with using custom texture packs?
    Also where can we find how many players are being banned from these ban waves?
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  19. What about optifine, shaders and better movement?
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