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    Title really, warrior already gets a weapon and speed 1 potions, there is no reason to give them regeneration on top of the speed. Being able to outheal a strong majority of the kits is way too powerful considering the speed and damage it already has.
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  4. Warrior is really good, but it doesn't take much to bring it in line. Compare it to Baker and Hunter.

    It gets essentially the same weapon as Baker, the exact same armor (although the iron chestplate works better for Warrior's aggressive playstyle than the leather armor works for Baker's defensive playstyle), and the same number of pots. The difference is that the duration of the pots is two seconds greater, the potions have speed 1 instead of resistance 1, and Warrior gets a bunch of steak instead of the gapple and baked goods. The result of this is that Warrior gets much more use out of its potions as well as more versatility, because it can help reset a fight by running, or win a close fight by taking less hits and healing, rather than healing and needing to take hits to get the full effect of the Baker potion. The gapple is less useful than the consistent surprise factor and advantage in combat speed offers, especially since you can't run or bow against speed easily.

    Hunter gets half an armor bar more in exchange for 1 epf, which is pretty much even, a stone sword instead of a sharp 1 stone, speed 2 instead of Warrior pots, and a power 1 bow. The bow is good, but it doesn't make up for Hunter needing to open chests for xp, which limits the value of the speed and bow by slowing down gameplay. This means that Warrior can put its speed to better use, even though it's strictly worse, and because of the regeneration, Warrior gets more consistent counterplay against a multitude of scenarios compared to the bow.

    In each case, I don't think it's the regeneration that's the issue, but rather the speed complementing the other elements of the kit and making it artificially stronger. So I think rather than removing or nerfing the regeneration, Warrior should get a nerf on the speed duration (maybe down to 3 or 4 seconds) so it loses lots of the potential to play aggressive, and has more counterplay from slower kits as well as non-healing melee kits. This way, the speed is only good for creating a little distance, and it can only be used reactively for some final hits, rather than proactively before a fight. By doing this, you also get some much needed distinguishment from Baker, Hunter, and Rogue.
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