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    Hey all!

    We have just released an update to Warlords that includes new specializations, private party support, private game settings as well as a with a few other new additions!

    Continue reading for more information!

    New Specializations

    We have added 2 new specializations that were designed by the player council along with feedback received from the community. The new specializations are Spiritguard, the defensive Shaman and Revenant, the Support Warrior. This means that every class now has 3 available specializations to choose from!

    Note: Some of the values for the new skills may be changed in the coming days to make sure everything is fair and balanced!

    A defensive-oriented Shaman specialization that calls upon the aid of spirits old and new to mitigate damage and avoid death.

    Click the spoiler below to see more information about this specialization.
    You are the preserver of souls, guiding spirits into and out of the spiritual world. Tribal ancestors preserve their spirits within Spiritguards like you, understanding that one day, should the tribe fall, their spirits will live on to fight another day. Call upon these ancient spirits to aid you in your fight, and manipulate enemy spirits to heal for your will. Transcend into the spirit world to delay incoming damage, then force enemies to repent their crimes upon exiting the spirit world.

    Base Health: 5300
    Energy: 285 / +20 per second / +20 per hit
    Damage taken: -10%​


    Fallen Souls
    Energy Cost: 60
    Critical Chance: 15%
    Critical Multiplier: 150%

    Summon a wave of fallen souls, dealing 186 - 242 damage to all enemies they pass through. Each target hit reduces the cooldown of spirit link by 2 seconds. Has a maximum range of 30 blocks.

    Upgrades: Increase the Critical Multiplier by up to 5% and reduce the energy cost by 5

    Spirit Link
    Cooldown: 11 seconds
    Energy Cost: 40
    Critical Chance: 15%
    Critical Multiplier: 150%

    Links your spirit with up to 3 enemy players, dealing 221 - 440 damage to the first target hit. Each additional hit deals 10% reduced damage. You gain 40% speed for 0.8 seconds and take 25% reduced damage for 4.5 seconds.

    Upgrades: Increase the damage dealt by up to 5% and increase the damage reduction duration by 11%

    Soulbinding Weapon
    Cooldown: 16 seconds
    Energy Cost: 30

    Your melee attacks BIND enemies. BOUND enemies buff you and 2 nearby allies when hit by your attacks: Melee hits restore 6 extra energy. Fallen Souls reduces the cooldown of all abilities by 1.5 seconds. Spirit Link heals for 220 health. 8-second ability duration. BIND lasts for 2 seconds.

    Upgrades: Increase the amount healed by up to 20 more health and increase the energy restored by 1

    Cooldown: 18 seconds
    Energy cost: 30

    Taking damage empowers your damaging abilities and melee hits, restoring health and energy based on 10 + 5% of the damage you've recently taken. Lasts 10 seconds.

    Upgrades: Convert up to an additional 1% of the damage taken and increases the duration by up to 20%

    Spirits' respite and Death's Debt
    Cooldown: 78 seconds
    Energy Cost: 20

    Spirits' Respite: Place down a totem that delays 100% of incoming damage towards yourself. Transforms into Death’s Debt after 4 - 8 seconds (increases with higher health), or when you exit its 10 block radius.

    Death’s Debt: Take 90% of the damage delayed by Spirits’ Respite over 6 seconds. The totem will heal nearby allies for 20% of all damage that you take. If you survive, deal 10% of the damage delayed to nearby enemies.

    Upgrades: Reduce the cooldown by up to 10% and increase the amount healed by up to 5%

    Here are the original proposal threads that were made by the player council: Initial Proposal, v0.2, v0.3

    A support-oriented Warrior specialization that can give allies a second chance to live.
    Click the spoiler below to see more information about this specialization.

    An unholy warrior that seemingly never dies, the Revenant's presence has been felt in countless wars. Legends say the Revenant will live until the final war, where he will bring an army that never dies.

    Base Health: 5800
    Energy: 285 / +20 per second / +20 per hit​


    Crippling Strike
    Energy Cost: 100
    Critical Chance: 10%
    Critical Multiplier: 175%

    Strike the targeted enemy player, causing 345 - 460 damage and crippling them for 3 seconds. A crippled player deals 10% less damage for the duration of the effect.

    Upgrades: Deal up to 5% additional damage and reduce damage dealt by enemies by a further 2.5%

    Reckless Charge
    Cooldown: 14 seconds
    Energy Cost: 60
    Critical Chance: 15%
    Critical Multiplier: 160%

    Charge forward, dealing 466 - 612 damage to all enemies you pass through. Enemies hit are IMMOBILIZED, preventing movement for 0.5 seconds. Charge is reduced when carrying a flag.

    Upgrades: Increase Critical Multiplier by up to 15% and reduce the cooldown by 15%

    Ground Slam
    Cooldown: 13 seconds
    Energy Cost: 30
    Critical Chance: 10%
    Critical Multiplier: 175%

    Slam the ground, creating a shockwave around you that deals 326 - 441 damage and knocks enemies back slightly.

    Upgrades: Increase the Critical Chance by up to 20% and reduce the cooldown by 10%

    Orbs of Life
    Cooldown: 26 seconds
    Energy Cost: 20

    Striking and hitting enemies with abilities cause them to drop an orb of life that lasts 5 seconds, restoring 360 health to the ally that picks it up. Other nearby allies recover 200 health. Lasts 12 seconds.

    Upgrades: Increase the health restored from the orbs by up to 5% and increase the duration by 10%

    Undying Army
    Cooldown: 78 seconds
    Energy Cost: 20

    When you or nearby allies take fatal damage within 10 seconds, instantly restore them to 100% health instead. They will take 700 TRUE damage every second for the rest of their life. Allies not revived will heal for 200 + 25% of their missing health 10 seconds after this ability was cast.

    Upgrades: Reduce the damage dealt to allies by up to 50 damage per second and heal allies for 5% more of their missing health


    Here is the original proposal thread that was made by the player council: Initial Proposal

    Private Party Support and Private Game Settings

    MVP++ players now have the ability to host private games in Warlords! To go along with this 9 new Private Game Settings have been added!
    • Team Selector – Enable this to allow players to select which team they want to be on!
    • Horse Speed Modifier – Increase the speed that horses can travel, up to 5x as fast!
    • Noble Steeds – Enable this to prevent horses from fleeing after you get hit or use a skill!
    • Specialization Modifier – You can force all players to have the same specialization!
    • Level Modifier – Control the class levels of all players!
    • Weapons Modifier – Modify the strength of everyone’s weapons!
    • Points Modifier – Increase the number of points earned for each action to speed up games!
    • Health Modifier – Control the maximum health of all players!
    • No Natural Regeneration – Enable this to prevent health regeneration when out of combat!

    Other Additions
    • Added a new icon to the pre-game menu that shows up during Super Saturdays and when the maximum weapon tier option is selected in private games. This can be used as an easy way to select which ability you want your weapon to boost
    • Added /play commands for each mode:
      • /play warlords_ctf_mini
      • /play warlords_team_deathmatch
      • /play warlords_domination
    • There is no longer a cap on the number of broken weapons you can hold at a time
    • Added 4 new ability boosts to weapons that boost Revenant/Spiritguard skills. The skills that can be boosted are: Fallen Souls, Spirit Link, Crippling Strike, and Orbs of Life
    • Also to go along with these new specializations, 2 new achievements have been added
      • Supernatural - 10
        Delay 10,000 damage with a single spirits' respite, then survive the full duration of death's debt
      • Undead Army - 10
        Revive 4 players with a single undying army

    Huge thanks to the player council for all their help during this update and the community for their patience.
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  2. Ok hypixel you release a very cool update during school, while dead half asleep and having a life for once...

    Yeah my dream was weird, who has a life, I gotta go to a church today since that was just... ugh gonna give me nightmares but after I’m done... it’s warlords time! (Even though I only play warrior)
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  3. Nice to see wl getting love c: ty for the update
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  4. gg
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  5. Getting back into the game after this? Heck yes

    54 avenger comin right back into the fray :)
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  6. It's nice to see Warlords finally getting an update. Maybe I'll try Warlords out for once....
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  7. well done
  8. Cool update
  9. HYPE !
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  10. Hey look! Hypixel updated a dead game! Amazing!
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  12. Nice to see Warlords receiving an update! When are we getting that Crazy Walls update?
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    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
  14. Skyclash next?
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  15. :insert_happy_face:
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    that's hot
  17. YES! Finally! Thank you Hypixel! <3
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  18. Probably CW lol. They’ve been looking for input within the community for ages now.
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    omg yeeeeeeeees
  20. Time to get the MVP++ again and support these nice Hypixel ppl.

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