1. I remamber i had 2 years ago minecraft account that a friend gave me to use for amount of time and the game that catched my eye was warlords i had many legendarys there since my friend needed his account back i bought now minecraft account and i want easy way to get my legenderys so i tought for myself why dont you guys add ingame legendery or epic weapons purchase i mean by real money so people that want easy way to legendery they can buy it on hypixel store
    Suggestion 2
    By the time warlords getting older and older less people starting to play that i think we should do a hugh update to this thing by no just killing and capturing something i think more stuff need to be added like more weapons that can shoot like some wend or bow and other stuff giant maps or more transport animals like dragons spiders or something we can use as a mount
    Thats it for now these are my suggestions hope they will get seriously
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  2. Because it would break EULA.
    We would probably have to get yet an another update for that, and warlords just got an update.
  3. Well i dont think its problem to put kits and weapons on real money purchese
  4. It is a problem because EULA forbids that.
    The fact that other servers do that means they should get in trouble.
  5. Oof
  6. I remamber 2-1 years ago worlords was one of the popular games in hypixel like about hundreds in each lobby now its less i mean only one lobby had players in it theres many minecraft players that like rpg games like warlords but its just need to have bigger maps and bigger amount of options weapons and modes and mounts and etc
  7. I mean warlords have an option to be upgraded coming back to his popularity like advartise that game more can be an option
  8. The problem with being able to purchase legendaries on the store is that it brings a p2w aspect into warlords. Not only is it against eula, but it means that new players who have money will have an advantage over players who don't have money. So while some players will have to grind the normal way for legends, others could automatically receive an item that is meant to be somewhat tricky to get.

    The problem with having a content update full of cosmetic items is that warlords couldn't handle it. Yes, we could get the mounts, but warlords could not handle new weapon skins, armor, bigger maps, and modes. The playerbase is too small, and the resource pack is almost full.
  9. Well yea its true but still warlords has to get back to his popularity again hypixel as i guess so is the only popular server that has that genre
  10. There are some new specs in the works. It might be awhile until we get them, but theyre supposedly coming.
  11. please dont encourage play to win its unfair to ppl without money
  12. New spec what do you mean?
  13. New specialties for warrior and shaman, instead of just 2 different specs (defender and berz for warrior, tlord and ew for shaman) there will be three for each class
  14. Oh thats great thing to hear do you know the release date?
  16. Btw i was in warlords lobby and its suprisingly got alot more players then before
  17. I don’t think warlords was ever one of the biggest games
  18. Nope, but once upon a time, it had 2k+ players at once.
  19. When it was released?
  20. Introducing Pay 2 Win is a bad idea. However Wynncraft does a really good job of giving a very good bonus that doesn't break EULA, and I think Hypixel could pull off something similar.

    I could see Enchanted Broken Weapon bundles for like $5 that gives everyone online 5 or so enchanted broken weapons.

    I could more easily see a "bomb" that increases the chances of legendary to 5x chance and increases the chance of epics to 2x chance. That would be 2% for epic and 1% for legendary or 6% for epic and 3% for legendary if using enchanted broken weapons. However this could easily do nothing at all, but it would probably include something like broken weapons or coins for everyone.

    In my honest opinion, I think Hypixel could have a lot to gain from game exclusive things like this.
    If Hypixel would add anything to Warlords immediately after updating it, it would be something that would make them money.

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