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    Hey everyone!

    We have just released an update for Warlords that includes new achievements, quests, maps, prestige and more! Over the past 2 months we have been working together with the player council and the Warlords community on several Quality of Life Updates for Warlords. Similar to other Quality of Life updates we have done, we presented a roadmap to the Warlords community to show our plan and to keep everyone up to date on our progress at each stage. Today's update includes all the remaining stages apart from new specializations (more information about that can be found below).

    Continue reading to view all the changes!

    ▶ Achievements

    • Power Up - 10
      Collect 6 powerups in 1 game
    • Complete Boot Camp - 10
      Play a game with every specialization
    • It Shines – 15
      Prestige a class
    • Super Powers – 15
      Have 3 powerups active at the same time
    • Solo Carry – 15
      Have a combined total of 350k damage/healing in 1 game
    • World Travel – 5
      Visit all 5 points in a single domination game
    • Right on Time! – 10
      Capture a flag with less than 1 minute remaining
    • Bearing Gifts - 10
      Heal yourself and 5 allies with 1 skill
    • It’s My Pleasure – 10
      Damage 5 enemies with 1 skill
    • On Top – 15
      Place in the top 3 for both damage and healing at the end of the game
    • CTF Objective – 5-10-15-20-25
      Capture or return 5-20-50-100-250 flags
    • Domination Objective – 5-10-15-20-25
      Capture 5-20-50-100-250 points in domination

    ▶ Quests

    New Daily: Carry, Secured!
    30 points for kills/assists on the enemy flag carrier
    15 points for kills/assists on enemies near allied flag carrier
    100 points for capturing a flag
    30 points for capturing a domination point
    5 points for every TDM kill or assist
    Progress: 0/100 points.

    New Weekly: All-Star
    Deal 1.5m total damage and heal 1.5m total health using any specialization
    0/1,500,000 Damage Dealt
    0/1,500,000 Health Healed

    ▶ New Domination Maps

    The following 2 maps have been added to Warlords domination mode.



    ▶ Prestige

    Prestige has been added as a new cosmetic reward for veterans to spend their coins on. Each specialization can be prestige individually and it requires a total of 250 wins with that specialization to be able to purchase. You can prestige a specialization in the Warlords lobby shop by clicking on the new menu icon shown below.


    After purchasing prestige, your level prefix will now appear as gold to show off your achievement.


    Along with this your armour will now be enchanted (this can be toggled off in the settings menu) and there is also a new donkey mount that can be purchased after you have prestiged 1 specialization.

    ▶ Super Saturdays

    Starting from Saturday (29th September) there will be Super Saturdays every 2 weeks! On these days, players will have all their classes maxed out and everyone will have perfect weapons. This will put all players on a level playing field and it will allow players to experiment with different classes to help them decide on which ones they want to upgrade.

    ▶ Additional Changes
    • Added Energy powerups - you can toggle between damage powerups and energy powerups in the settings menu. Energy powerups increase energy gain for 30 seconds.
    • Increased health regeneration from 1% hp/s to 1.8% hp/s when out of combat.
    • The "Hammer of Destruction" achievement now counts allied players as targets and targets are now counted for the whole duration of the hammer.
    • The "Warlords" quest has been renamed to "Victorious" and now awards 3000 coins instead of 5500 to be consistent with all the other daily quests.
    • Selected weapons and bound weapons are now hidden in the salvage menu.
    • Changed the way points capture stat is awarded - players that were standing on the point to help with the initial capture will now be awarded the capture if their team successfully takes control of the point.
    ▶ Coming Soon: New Specializations

    The last step on the roadmap is new specializations. This will include 1 new specialization for warrior and 1 for shaman, which will mean every class will have 3 specializations available. We have finished the development on the new specializations, however we haven't been able to finish the art for them yet, so we decided to release all the other sections now instead of delaying everything. The new specializations will be released as soon as we are able to get the art done and implement it, there will also be 2 new achievements added along with them.

    Huge thanks to the community and the player council for all their help, ideas, bug reports and feedback during this update! We hope you enjoy and we hope you are looking forward to the new specializations!

    As always, if you notice any issues please let us know by making a bug report at: https://hypixel.net/bugs/ :D
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    Impurity IMPURE
    Nice! I might start playing this game more now.
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  4. Noice
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    nice alts
  6. cool story bro
  7. LOL. Too little too late. You tried though.
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  8. Wow nice :)
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    Neat :)
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  13. Super Saturdays
    more like Alts Saturdays
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  14. Tier V for points captured in dom is only cap 250 points?
    I am already at 240 xD
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  16. not going to lie, This update was pretty awesome sounding
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  17. Just when I get hacked.
  18. Yay achievements, and Warlords is honestly so fun. Great job to rel and Warlords HPC on a great update.
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  19. What sorcery is this? A Warlords update?!

    Really though, y'all did an amazing job at improving the game. Looking forwards to wield a mystical weapon and cast healing spells once again!
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  20. Awesome!
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