1. Relenter

    Relenter Minigame Developer

    Hey everybody!

    Today we have released another bug fix patch, this time for Warlords! This patch also contains some minor balancing changes along with a new feature.

    Continue reading for a full list of changes.

    ▶ Auto Skill Mode + New Menu

    Auto skill mode is a new feature that is aimed at helping new players get started. This mode attempts to activate your main weapon ability every time you left click on a player. Note: this mode will be enabled by default, and it only works with melee classes.

    A new menu has also been added which allows you to toggle Auto Skill Mode and Hotkey Mode.[​IMG]

    This menu can also be accessed in the pre-game with the new item on your hot bar.


    ▶ Balance Changes

    The team balancer has been tweaked to reduce the effectiveness of level 00 alt accounts. It will now look at the number of games you have played and increase your minimum weighting if you are below a certain level. Therefore it is now much more effective to just level up instead of staying at a lower level.

    We have also made a slight change to defender by capping intervene to protect a maximum of 3600 damage.

    ▶ Bug Fixes

    • Fixed the "Coming Through" achievement being awarded without meeting the requirements
    • Fixed the "Super Soaker" achievement to match the description
    • Tiered achievements for leveling up classes will now be displayed when buying the upgrades
    • Fixed intervene not taking account of the flag damage multiplier
    • Fixed the sound for salvaging weapons not working on Minecraft versions 1.9 and above
    • Fixed lightning bolts being invisible on Minecraft versions 1.9 and above
    • Fixed hovering over weapons in chat displaying "Invalid Item" in Minecraft version 1.12
    • Fixed nicked players always showing 0 health
    • Fixed nicked player's real names being displayed in damage messages and on the compass tracker in CTF
    • Fixed being able to mount in mid-air to negate fall damage, but it can still be used while jumping normally
    • Fixed arcane shield displaying 120 seconds left instead of 6
    • Fixed "The game starts in 30 seconds" message being displayed twice
    • Falling in the void will now only give team points if the player was damaged by someone recently - this is to avoid players continuously jumping into the void and causing their team to lose
    • Fixed earthliving weapon healing 3 allies instead of 2
    • Fixed an issue where play streak weapons that are re-skinned would be labeled as crafted
    • Fixed a bug causing you not to complete quests if the game ends in a draw
    • Draw games will now also display a reward summary at the end
    • Fixed being able to fill your inventory with different weapons in the lobby
    • A bug was reported where you sometimes wouldn't be awarded broken weapons at the end of the game. While I couldn't reproduce it, I have made a change that should hopefully fix it.

    As always, thanks everybody for finding and reporting these bugs. If you find any, please make sure to report them here: https://hypixel.net/bug-reports/create
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  3. Yay! All aboard the hype train and thanks!
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  4. Hype!
    EDIT: First page yay!
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    Hypeeee :p
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  6. LVMH

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    very nice!
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  7. [​IMG]

    Great work!
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  8. Narwhalogy

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    now I might play warlords
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  10. HYPEEE
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  11. Hype! Warlords needs this!

    Edit: First time on first page YES!
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  12. I don’t play warlords but I guess this is cool since I haven’t seen an update / bug fix for it in a while
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  13. AYYY
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  14. 3rd! Awesome, looking forward to getting on warlords. By the way, where is mega walls update?

    EDIT: 5th still good.
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  15. Nice :)
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  16. When i played warlords today I saw in chat "You were killed by Relenter" xd.
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  17. W3W3

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    Epic Family
    Good work! :D Although I don't play Warlords, it's nice to see it get an update!
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  19. first page!
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  20. Was just playing warlords and saw a few of these. Thank you so much!

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